About the Pivot Betting System for Roulette

April 11, 2017 Posted in Betting Strategies by No Comments

The Pivot betting system, as it pertains to Roulette, is not really a betting system in the traditional sense of the word. In fact, of all the Roulette betting systems out there, this is one of the easiest and can be one of the more thrilling. The basis of the Pivot betting system is that you are going to isolate your betting to one single number during the framework of 35 consecutive spins of the Roulette wheel.

Unlike other negative or positive progression betting systems, the Pivot betting system can not be used on Craps, Blackjack, or the slot machines. This system was developed many years ago to be employed at the Roulette wheel.

The mathematics of the system aside, there are other circumstances that could play well for the gambler who uses the Pivot betting system. When you isolate one number, it could be that the function of the wheel may be off or that the dealer is spinning the ball in the same manner each time and dropping it where you need.

The Pivot betting system is especially popular with players who enjoy systems that are based on hot numbers. The only work or things you have to focus on is the numbers that came out in a 35 spin cycle. Log them on your computer or jot them on a piece of paper. During that first group of numbers in the cycle, not every number will show up.

If you really analyze those numbers, what you will discover is that only about one-third of all the numbers came up, leaving two-thirds to not register.

The basis of the Pivot betting system is jumping all over the third of numbers that are repeating.

If you were to log one million spins, what you will discover is that all of the numbers appear about the same amount of times. because you will be working within a very small sampling of numbers, what becomes obvious is a third of the numbers repeat.

Now that you have been exposed to the findings, it is time to capitalize on what you know.

To make use of the Pivot betting system, you have to log numbers in that first 35 spin cycle until you see the first number repeat. Once you see the number repeat, you are going to bet that single number with the same amount of chips each time. Continue betting because chances are good that before the 35th spin, that number is going to hit again. The earlier in the sequence the number hits, the bigger your profits are going to be.

Once your number repeats and you are paid, look at your list for the 2nd number that repeated and start over a new betting cycle by choosing that single number. The Pivot betting system says you will now bet that number for 35 times until it repeats again.

If a number does not repeat in that 35 spin sequence, you must move on to the next repeated number on your list for another set of 35 spins.