Oscar’s Grind: Strategy and Loss Prevention

May 8, 2017 Posted in Betting Strategies by No Comments
The Oscar's Grind betting method is somewhat new but it's absolutely worth testing out on the floor. Not much is known of the system's origin. The first known documentation is found in the 1960s, found in a book written by Allan Wilson. The name ‘Oscar's Grind' refers to a man Wilson interviewed about the gambling technique. To ‘grind' in this context means that a player will bet consistently knowing that, sooner or later, winnings will be greater than losses. This translates to the tenant that slowly but surely a profit will be made.

In Allan Wilson's book, he regards Oscar as a masterful roulette player. While roulette is the preferred game, it can also be used with others like black jack. It's easy to see why many players use this method, especially when there's full understanding of how simple it is.

How It Works

Player's who use the Oscar's Grind method know that even novices can easily use this technique without confusion. Profit is made in rounds or cycles, with the overall goal being to make one unit of profit for every round played then repeat. In other words, every time a player makes a profit the process starts again which leaves the player with no losses.

Each round, the player starts off betting one unit. If there is a loss, the bet remains the same. If there is a win, the bet increases by one unit. Repeat this process until one unit of profit is made, then start a new cycle. This allows for losing streaks to have minimal damage, while winning streaks greatly increase the amount earned.

This example shows a quick winning cycle. Say bet 1 and 2 were losses putting the player at -2 units. Then a win on bet 3, which increases the bet to 2 units each time. The player is now at -1 units and betting 2. Bet 4 is also a win resulting in the player achieving a profit of 1 unit.

Loss Prevention

As with any other game, there are losses to be dealt with. Many notice that when longer losing streaks occur, the losses will be greater and greater. One of the more common ways of loss prevention is to determine the max amount of money that can be lost. This would depend on budget and how much money a player is able to risk.

In this example, the player will suffer a loss. The budget will be assumed at -5 units. If bet 1 is a loss then the next bet is a win, the player is at 0 units. With 2 units on bet three, there is a loss leaving the player at -2. Two more losses in a row send the player into a pit of -6 units, thus the player withdraws having hit the loss limit.