Casino Games 2022

Online casino games make great fun and relaxing activity to fill your free time with. Furthermore, casino software providers put their best effort into developing thousands of unique slots and casino games. The choice is so diverse that everything a player needs to do is log in and browse through the selection. In that light, these casino games wonderful choice when it comes to provide sharp graphics, easy-to-read fonts, and an easy-to-navigate interface that suits mobile users as well.

Playing games is a fun way to fill time. Particularly when friends are involved, and especially when winning real cash is involved. Stories friends and acquaintances tell about almost wins are miraculous in themselves. Such stories contain both winning and losing streaks and wins can make your whole experience feel magical. On the other hand, losses should also be accepted as the road to amazing prizes contains such obstacles. The majority of games are eligible and optimized for mobile platforms and PC users.

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RNG Casino Games

Almost all games at the online casino rely on what’s known as a random number generator. Whereas games like roulette and blackjack would typically use a deck of cards or balanced wheel to create random outcomes, most online offerings do not have that luxury.

For this reason, casino games use what’s known as a random number generator. This piece of software delivers as close to a truly random outcome as possible. Since the fairness of the games relies on these random number generators, online casino companies spend big money having their games audited. This is all part of the licensing process, which is one of the most expensive aspects of running an online casino.

Any strictly digital game will rely on a random number generator. If you can’t see a physical set of dice, a roulette wheel, or a deck of cards on your online casino game, you’re dealing with random number generation software. This includes poker, blackjack, slots, roulette, bingo, and scratch cards.

One notable exception at the online casino is the live games offered by the likes of Evolution and others. These live-streamed versions of roulette, blackjack, and other popular casino games rely on real-world equipment to produce their randomness. The equipment used by reputable live casino operations is all audited and the dealers have just as high a standard as training as you would find in a brick-and-mortar gaming venue.

Video Slots

Listening to the ping of a “one arm bandit” is fun for those with a love for the energy of a casino. The lights, bells, and whistles are especially fun when the pings are for a winning set of characters. The colors on these machines are vibrant. The noises are like no other. When hearing the sound of a machine, it is a signal that a casino is ready for play.

Video slots are easily accessible online without any downloads or additional installations. The game layout resembles the one featured by physical slot machines in land-based casinos. Players trigger the game by merely clicking on the spin button. Modern video slots don't require any assistance from the player except for initiating spins and setting up the coin per line stake. If 5 matching symbols land on the 5×3 slot grid, the line will pay more if a lot of coins are staked per line. Whether a player will win or lose is a question handled by the game, volatility, and RTP percentage.

Another aspect that separates video slots from regular slot games is visual quality. Beautifully designed games with sharp graphics and 3D in-game features are much more attractive to players.
Video slots are also filled with entertaining bonus features and free spins. These features come with more winning potential than the base game holds, therefore, such games are the best options for AU players.

As video slots are gaining popularity by each passing day, it gets tougher to decide on the best game to play. Some games just carry the bigger winning potential than other games and that can be spotted by knowing slot game developers. Slot publishers like Microgaming and NetEnt bring beautifully-designed video slots with over x1000 stake winning potential. These companies have over 20 years of experience each, making their games great for both low rollers and high rollers.

Classic Slots

Sometimes the best slots to play are the classic slot games that we all gladly recall. The majority of these games are familiar to players and common in the offer of popular online casinos. Lightning Rewind, Volcano Blast, Egyptian Fortune, and Sliding Diamond Deluxe are just some of the names of such games. These slots don’t require any downloads and they are available right from the browser or casino app. Many players are familiar with the 777 lightings up machines or the familiar cherries, lemons, and other delightful fruits that show up on the video slot screen when the odds are on the player’s side. These games are fun, familiar, and extremely easy to understand.

Although classic slots now lack several features that video slots possess, they have a crucial factor – gaming tradition. Generations have enjoyed playing classic slots and some of those games will never be considered old-fashioned.

For instance, the Book of Ra slot by Novomatic is still a favorite game of many online gamblers. The expanding symbol aspect of the bonus game is still up in many up-to-date slots.
These games may lack superb graphics and modified grid, however, they are still widely fashionable for their gameplay aspects. Bonus rounds and in-game features, traditional design, and original slot sound still make classic slots appealing.

With that on our mind, it's no wonder that the majority of games nowadays are looking like classic slot hits.

Live Casino Games

A live casino is a place a person might walk into in blue jeans and sneakers, or if inclined, eveningwear would be appropriate. The live casino is a place to sit down and gamble with people of influence or those that might not have an income. The live casino does not ask questions. The wheels of the roulette table just roll.

Modern technology made Live Casinos easily approachable from home as well. Major online casinos offer a diverse selection of Live Table games and live dealing rooms for brave players.
Some of the best live casino content developers put their mark on the industry by supplying online casinos in AU with the best games. Therefore, Evolution gaming makes a perfect example of such a company.

With its Lightning Roulette or Immersive Roulette, there is no more need for players to visit a land-based casino. These games come with various playing conveniences and aspects that benefit players.

For instance, there is no more need to wait several minutes while waiting for the next roulette wheel spin. Evolution Gaming made sure that players can enjoy the next spin right after the previous one.

Stake-saving options are also available and have an impact on the game as players can set up a bet that can be used repeatedly.

All these features make live casino games much more pleasurable online then they are in person. Luckily for AU players, major casino sites offer various types of roulette, poker, bingo, and other table games.

The choice is up for the player to make.

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There are few things more decorative at a casino than the table games. Out of the many, Blackjack is one very recognizable for its elegant appearance and its easy style of play. The idea is to pull cards until you reach the number 21 or get as close as possible to the number of 21. The dealer deals the card. Tell him if you want more cards or you wish to stand pat. Meaning the person is holding on to the cards, they have in hand. The beauty of blackjack is anyone can play of legal age that is.


The name roulette is a derivative of French meaning little wheel. The slots are red and black alternating between colors. There are 38 slots for the American game and 37 for blackjack games in Europe. The game limits the time people can put down money for bets. Players can place money on whether the wheel will fall on low or high, black or red or even or odd numbers. The way the board is set up makes the game easy to learn. Which is why it is so popular, and bets are paid quickly after each spin.

Red, black high or low the game is a game of averages. It will fall on a number or color sooner, or later. However, the question is exactly when.

Texas Hold'em

This is one of the most infectious games in the world. Tournaments are held, and people from everywhere test their skills against experts and amateurs. Two cards face down are passed to each participant. These are dubbed the hole cards. During the pre-flop players can get out of the game (fold), bet, or check. After this, three cards land in the middle of those playing the game (flop), these are placed by the dealer. After which, more betting takes place, then the dealer lays the fourth card in the middle (the turn). These are all mutual cards. During the latter phase (the river) based on the hole cards each player has. The outcome of the game is determined.

Three Card Poker

There are multiple ways a player can win in Three Card Poker; either by beating the dealer or by having the best hand. This game differs from regular Poker as there are three cards turned down right at the start. Bet play is anything better than Queen, six, and four. There is an ante wager and the wager. When a player holds a bad hand and folds, they lose the bet ante and wager. A few payouts are for a straight, straight flush, and two of a kind. There are bonuses in the game. Once cards are turned and shown if the dealer has the upper hand all bets go to the house.

Sic Bo

The game of Sic Bo (Precious Dice) is a derivative of a trendy Chinese game from a long ago. It takes real luck to win this game. The bet is, each dice will land in the same position. In this play, dice are placed inside a container and mixed around. The dealer then opens the container and shows the positions of the dice. Betting options are large, small, odd, even, single dice, and various combinations of dice.

As much as the game seems simple and straight-forward, in reality, it can be extremely tough to win.

The main benefit of this game for players is the existence of rarely-used combination bets. These bets are based on guessing two numbers of the dices and have a winning chance of 1 in 6 games.

However, this ratio doesn’t seem so bad when having in mind how much a player can profit from these bets.

Ultimately, it all resides on guessing the dice numbers and making the best possible combinations out of it. Also, even card game lovers can get to like Sic Bo as the game is unique and original in offer.

Pai Gow

Pai Gow is actually dominos. However, it is a configured, American version of the Chinese game. In China, the game has the same name. Ironically, Pai Gow is a mixture of dominos and seven-card stud. For over 30 years, millions of casino goers have played the game.

The game lets people sit, and play a more relaxed game without the worry of fast play. So, that being said, playing in a larger group of participants guarantees meeting some interesting fellow players. Therefore, there are six players, and each receives seven cards, which are turned face up. In this game, the joker can represent a card. In fact, the joker completes a straight, flush, or represents an ace. Five cards are always more. If the two cards, which are smaller, have more clout than the five cards a player loses automatically. This is the rule even if you do not know much about the game. So, brush up on the rules before putting your money on the table. However, the dealer will assist with the way cards are held.

The player decides upon the bet and places it with no cards. Even so, players should quickly decide on the bet and place it within the given interval. This is standard with table play. The betting amount is decided on by the rules of the table. So, each person has to place a bet within the limit.


Introduce gameplay skills to Mahjong. This is a bit of a match game. However, it takes a little skill and a bit of maneuvering to get these colorful tiles together. Once you match a tile, those obstacles disappear. Now a player is that much closer to winning the game. Playing on casino software could mean a player is close to winning some real cash. In Mahjong, both numbers and symbols must match in order for the tiles to correlate.

This game does not allow the simple moving of tiles they must be placed in a given order before they can be matched. When tiles sit slightly above the others, these are the easiest to match. However, the game is tricky. What seems the easiest route is not always the best move. When tiles are sitting directly next to opposite tiles, and a matching tile seem free, they cannot  match because the tile sitting next to a non-matching tile is blocking.

Still, a numbered tile that is clear will assist a tile in moving. This is when the tile is left alone, or the left side of the tile is free. This is when coupling takes place. This game requires careful consideration before players make a move. As matching takes place, and the Mahjong board begins to clear. A player might see the way to a win.


One of the world’s oldest, and lasting favorites is Bingo. So, it is interesting, and most children can play. Also, it is common to see the game in the kid’s toy department, and it moves into the adult realm. Therefore, Bingo is popular by groups in restaurants, churches, and clubs. It is no surprise bingo is popular on casino software with a winning twist. Hence, Bingo consists of 25 squares placed on a card or screen with video software. Once five of those are up, the person wins. Also, in good spirit, the game gives the middle spot to players as free space.

In the game of bingo, there is a master sheet of numbers. However, numbers are taken and placed in a bowl if you play at home or in a movable object that mixes the numbers while they are pulled out and called one by one until someone spells out the word bingo diagonally, vertically, or horizontally. There will be lots of almost wins in this game. In many circles, customers will play with multiple cards in the zeal to win.