Online Video Poker

Video Poker is simply a five card draw Poker game that is played on a computerized console that very much resembles a slot machine. The layout of the game on the screen is that of an actual Poker hand that is dealt along with options to show the exact version of the game being played, monetary denominations such as $1, $5 or $10 dollars and offers for other games.
The game of Poker is one of the most famous games that casinos offer and it is also one of the games that has been transformed into a virtual setup. The new wave of Poker is now video Poker. Although video Poker is quite similar to its original counterpart there are some differences.

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Which are the best casinos for online Video Poker?

The best casinos for online Video Poker are

  1. 888
  2. Twin
  3. 22Bet
  4. Melbet
  5. Mr Play
  6. RegenPlay
  7. Plaza Royal

What Is Video Poker?

For individuals who love sitting at a table and playing a round of Poker the excitement is never ending. But when someone truly loves the actual game of Poker the they will play the game anyway they can. Video Poker offers a Poker player a way to play the game in a electronic version rather than being at the table with multiple players and a dealer.

The History Of Video Poker And Why It’s So Popular

Video Poker first came on the scene in the 1970’s but it wasn’t very popular at that time. The game actually began obtaining popularity when computers were developed and casinos got the idea to combine their Poker games with the computer. This was an awesome idea that led casinos to be able to increase their clientele base because customers that had previously tried their hand at the original poker and maybe had a difficult time winning, they didn’t like the large crowds of people or did not have enough finances to play the game we’re able with video Poker to play without the crowd, could use smaller monetary inputs and had a better chance of winning.

How To Play Video Poker

In order to play video Poker the first thing a person has to do is to select how much money they are going to play for and how much do they want to spend. This is important because the game offers multiple denominations for playing. Once an amount has been decided the player should then hit the begin play button. Now of course a player can decide to play some or all of their credits but in order to possibly earn more they should bet the max amount of credits they payed for.

At that point the game will then deal a five card hand. Once the hand is dealt the player then has to decide whether or not they want to hold or get rid of each individual card. The remaining cards that are not on hold will then be replaced once the player selects draw or deal. This exchange of holding and releasing cards will continue until a winning hand is displayed. The playing process is simple and a player can continue to play as much as he or she may want to or until they run out of money.

Once a player has a winning hand they can either cash out their winnings or continue to play and possibly double their winnings. It really is up to the individual player as to whether not they want to continue playing or not. Playing video poker may seem like a simple game to play but in reality it is a lot more difficult to play than playing in the original version of poker. Video poker combination winning hands are still the same as you would find in the regular game of poker. However because poker is a game of strategy individuals have to learn how to make strategic moves in order to help them win.

In addition to developing a strategy as to how a player may play the game they should also be aware and familiar with the payout per hand. For example if a player has a royal flush in a regular game of poker the pay could be a specific amount of money. However if the same player gets a royal flush in a video poker game the payout amount could be lower. This is due to the fact that casinos often times will change the pay out table ratio so that the player actually earns less money.

So in order to win at video poker, there are a few things that the player must remember. First they should make sure that they follow instructions on how to get their game set up and to begin playing, then they need to deposit enough money to purchase the amount of credits that they want, then they should review the payout structure so that they will know exactly how much money they will make with any of the winning combinations and lastly the key is to strategize while playing the game so that they will create a better chance for them to make a winning hand.


When it comes to playing video poker the rules of the game are the same as regular table poker. An individual must still make a winning hand with either royal flush, straight flush, three of a kind, four of a kind etc. Once a player has a winning hand they can then cash out there earnings or continue playing to increase their earnings. Video poker still offers the excitement and feel of regular Poker but with a more individualized setup. As with table poker video poker still requires the utilization of numbers, strategy, and skill. But once an individual learns the basics then they can continue to the play the game for as long as they want to or until their money runs out.