Samosa AU$450 + 130 Spins

AU$ 450 + 130 Spins

About of the Samosa Casino The Samosa Casino is perhaps the best new casino to come out of the year 2020. People around the world are loving that this online...

About of the Samosa Casino

The Samosa Casino is perhaps the best new casino to come out of the year 2020. People around the world are loving that this online casino is giving players a huge array of very popular games as well as casino bonuses and promotions. Whenever you sign up as a new player on the Samosa Casino platform, you will get a ton of benefits that will keep you entertained and give you all of the winnings that you could imagine. The online platform offers new players fun (not to mention very generous) welcome bonuses which are meant for you to be able to use on any of the several thousand slot games that are as unique to that platform as they are fun, as well as jackpot tiles that you can gamble and entertaining table games.
On top of all of the fun benefits listed above, Samosa also gives players the ability to reload their daily bonuses so that you can make deposits that are a little larger than they would be otherwise. The online casino also allows players the chance to grab up one of the hundreds of free spins that they offer on a weekly basis which means more money for you!
If all of this sounds enticing to you, then Samosa may be the best online casino option for you! Below is a breakdown of all of the juicy details that you may need in order to really understand the platform and get the biggest cash out as possible.

Is there only one payment option for Samosa

Unlike most online gaming casinos that only have one payment method, Samosa actually has 14 different types of methods in which you can get the money that you earned off of the games on the platform.

What countries can you play Samosa in?

Unfortunately, Samosa is not yet available in every country unfortunately, though it is starting to gain more popularity and hopes to expand to other countries in the future. It is currently only available in Finland, Poland, and Australia. This means that the accepted languages on the online platform are English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Norwegian.

Are the welcome bonuses legit?

When people hear about a “welcome bonus” some are eager to jump on board and try out a new platform in anticipation of getting some cool new stuff while other people are a little bit sceptical as to whether or not they will ever actually see the new bonus or not. To be specific, the welcome bonus for new players is 150% of up to 100 pounds as well as 75 free spins which might as well be just free money in the pockets! As with all bonuses at any other online or live casino, there are going to be some terms that come with bonuses. The max bonus sum that you can get is 100 EUR dollars, 100 US Dollars, 150 Canadian Dollars, and 7,000 RUB. There are also 40x wagering requirements! As if those bonuses were not enough to make you excited to start playing, Samosa also offers several awards and fun other bonuses that you can get when you start making deposits into the website. You will be eligible to receive extra rewards after you make your second and third deposits onto the website on top of all of your welcome bonuses! This is a total win for everyone!

How mobile is the Samosa Casino

When new players come to the online platform to play, they want to know that they are going to be able to play the game anywhere they go or else many people will not want to get invested in the game in the first place. The Samosa online casino is a completely mobile platform as it is available to play on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and even mobile phones! All you have to do is go to the website and download the app to whatever device you wish. After downloading it to one app and creating an account, you can download the game to any other device that you wish and simply login so that you can pick up where you left off and play on the go no matter where you are or what you are doing! It is truly one of the best mobile online casinos that you can get!

How do you sign up at Samosa Casino?

If this online casino and all of the awesome bonuses that come along with it sounds like a fun time to you, then in order to gain access to all of the hundreds of games and the welcome bonus you will need to sign up and set up a new account for yourself. The good thing about this is that setting up a new account with this online casino is actually very easy and is only a two-step process so setting it up only takes a few minutes. The first thing that you will do is click the sign-up button, which is when a registration form will pop up. You will enter all of the details that are asked for and then select next. After the casino confirms all of your information, your new account will be ready to use and you will be all set up to play!

Overall, the Samosa Casino is an incredibly user-friendly gaming platform. It is set up to give players incredibly variety so that they can choose from hundreds of games and never get bored. It is also set up so that you can take it anywhere that you go which leaves you with ample opportunities and time to win big when playing! This is a great new online casino that gives players awesome bonuses, great incentives, and big wins. If you are in any of the countries where this online casino is offered, giving it a try might be one of the best things you can do!

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