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Online baccarat enthusiasts can boost their winning chances by selecting the latest Baccarat Super 6 game by Ezugi.

The exciting new baccarat variant makes the gameplay much more intense than any regular version.

Ezugi, as a premium casino games provider, made the best efforts into making the game fully legit and easy for playing.

Live studio coverage will provide players with impeccable playing sensation.

Put the exciting additional Super 6 side bet and the Baccarat Super 6 truly shines with winning potential.

So, if you are among those players that prefer live card games instead of Bingo and Slots, this game is perfect for your taste.

Main Elements of the Baccarat Super 6 Game

Baccarat Super 6 is a live casino game with thrilling winning capabilities. Furthermore, the game offers a side bet worth more in payout value than the standard tie bet.

There are three different Baccarat Super 6 tables in the offer, all of which feature a real-time live feed.

Players can therefore get the full sensation of playing in a real land-based casino table, only from home comfort.

Another neat aspect is that every player will be able to find a free seat at all times.

There is no restriction on the allowed number of participating players. The Baccarat Super 6 game comes with all the standard baccarat betting patterns.

Players will have the chance to bet on their hand, or the hand of the dealer to win.

The goal of the game is to bet on a hand closest to a value of 9 to win. The dealer's cards are dealt facing down, so players don' have a clue of the total value of the dealer's cards.

Because of the even chance to win on these bets, the payout range is 1 to 1. The tie bet awards players with 11 to 1 payout if the total value of players and dealers cards match.

However, the Super 6 bet makes it all much more interesting.

Side bet Option

The biggest difference between the regular baccarat and baccarat Super 6 is the unique side bet.

The Super 6 bet can be used by players suspecting that the dealer will get a total card value of 6.

As much as the initial tie bet was considered to be a critical move to pull. The Super 6 side bet brings an even greater payout.

A superb 12 to 1 payout will be available to those that play this wager and win.

However, there is another small difference in the basic and Super 6 variants of the game. Namely, players that bet on the banker to win will get a 0.5 to 1 payout if the banker wins with a total value of 6.

Either way, players can benefit by selecting the Baccarat Super 6 even though the side bet rarely gets played.

The unique aspect of the game can be used once the bankroll is on rise, to act as the finishing win a player needs.

Much similar to free spins bonus in slots, the Super 6 side bet of Ezugi’s Baccarat Super 6 could be both the most profitable and riskiest game segment.

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