Blackjack Single Deck live game by NetEnt – Hottest Variation

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Get ready to experience another impressive release from NetEnt as the Blackjack Single Deck is finally out!

The house edge on this game is the lowest it could be with the RTP of 99.83%. Making it extremely pleasurable for play.

As the name suggests, a single deck of cards is used and the rules are slightly different when compared to the original Blackjack variant.

Gambling and betting sites in AU offer a wide portfolio of NetEnt live casino games, and this Blackjack variant is no exception.

About the Blackjack Single Deck

The interface of the game allows players to get informed of any game-related information. On the other hand, players can see the statistics and use the in-game buttons for the Blackjack options.

The graphics are greatly designed and background sounds make it seem like you’re playing a Blackjack Single Deck in a real casino.

However, players should note the slightly changed rules as only one deck of cards is used in play.

The dealer in this game is obligated to stand on hard 17s and hit on soft 17. Meaning that if an ace is included in a hand, the dealer takes another card.

The payout for Blackjack in this game is a standard 3 to 2 rate. While players get to enjoy a variant of Blackjack with the lowest house edge.

This live dealing game is convenient to play among other card games, while it’s also a great choice to go with instead of games like Sic Bo and Pai Gow.

Game options

The Blackjack Single Deck game uses a total of 52 cards in-game. Players can win by Blackjack and claim a 3 to 2 payout, or win by the dealer's bust.

In case of a tie outcome, the stake will be returned to the player.

Players can also win if their hand is closer to 21 point value than the dealer's hand, according to regular Blackjack rules.

The Blackjack Single Deck by NetEnt also offers the insurance option that pays out 2 to 1.

Players can also hit and ask for another card to add to the value or stand and receive no further cards.

If the card value is 9, 10, or higher, players can double down and split as well as hit split aces.

The Blackjack Single Deck by NetEnt is a perfect variant of online Blackjack where novice players can learn game rules.

Moreover, it gives players the chance to lower the house edge. And, achieve an even better RTP than any other Blackjack game offers.

The game offers a chance to count cards as lower combinations are possible. But, it's also great for those that enjoy a round of Blackjack with a higher winning chance.

Ultimately, NetEnt currently provides one of the few variants of this game available online, making it a premium provider.

All players are advised to at least try this game for its in-game convenience and pleasurable gameplay.

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