Dice of Mystery Slot allows you to choose wilds placement

December 20, 2022 Posted in Games, Software by No Comments

If you are looking for a mysterious game to play on online gambling and betting sites, the Dice of Mystery slot seems like a great choice.

GAMING1 is the developer of the Dice of Mystery slot, so players can rest assured that the game is quality made.

As one of the major online gambling and betting partners, GAMING1 wanted to please its audience with a unique discovery.

The Dice of Mystery certainly fulfills its purpose of taking players on a magical adventure full of great wins.

Dice of Mystery Slot – Unique game properties

The Dice of Mystery slot truly improves the slot collection of GAMING1 as no such game can be found on online casino sites.

The mysterious layout of the game adds to the overall thrill that players will experience while playing this game.

Namely, the main aspect of the game is a unique form of wild symbols – the wild dice symbols.

The wild dice in this game substitutes for all other dice, as well as the bonus symbol. However, there’s also the other side of the wild dice symbols that the GAMING1 included.

For the first time in the history of online slots, players will get to choose where they want to place the wild dice!

This means that by landing an entire reel of wild symbols, players get 3 wilds to put on any position by preference.

The Dice of Mystery game is a one-of-a-kind find. Since players will have complete freedom in the placement of their wilds.

On the other hand, the Dice of Mystery also comes with a bonus round with a prize wheel included.

Players can win from 5 to 30 Mystery games, or decide to spawn the games for entering the Mystery round.

Overall, the Dice of Mystery shines with great winning potential making it a great choice for every slot lover.

Game selection of GAMING1

As one of the premium providers, GAMING1 offers its services and games on various online casino sites.

Players can use the fact that it's a prominent provider and takes advantage of no deposit bonus offers on casino sites.

Either way, the casino games provider isn't solely focused on the production of slot games.

Moreover, some of the best Blackjack and Bingo games are developed by GAMING1.

Various online casinos offer the complete GAMING1 selection, so players can easily find all their favorite games from the provider.

The Dice of Mystery slot is also available on major online casino sites, giving players the great chance to try it while it’s new and hot.

Besides the Dice of Mystery slot, GAMING1 also developed some game-changing slot titles for the market.

Titles such as Lords of Asgard, Blackbeard, and Olympus Evolution are just some of the games developed by GAMING1.

Ultimately, the superb gameplay aspects of all the mentioned slots could be the main reason why players choose GAMING1 slots.

Each slot is uniquely designed to please the modern-day players. So, we can only expect huge success from the Dice of Mystery slot.