Double Ball Roulette by Evolution – Great Choice

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If you are up for an online roulette variant that exceeds the limits of a classic game, the Double Ball Roulette by Evolution is a perfect choice!

Players, therefore, get two winning chances instead of one in the single-ball roulette.

Evolution brought some decent changes in the payment mechanics as well. So, the Double Ball Roulette makes a perfect exotic version of roulette.

The game features a single zero and a layout of a classic European Roulette with slight changes that players should get to know.

The differences between Double Ball Roulette compared to regular

The Double Ball Roulette provides more interesting game mechanics than a round of classic single-ball roulette.

There are two winning numbers on the board and some of the original bets are lower in multiplier value.

However, some other bets are enhanced in value as it takes both balls to fit in the betting requirement.

Inside bet chances are higher when compared to a regular online roulette, while the outside bet chances are lower.

Still, Evolution made sure to include a corresponding level of payouts to match the addition of a second ball in the game.

As an experienced provider of online casino games, Evolution Gaming is most qualified for the making of such a complex game.

The Double Ball Roulette features an outstanding payout of 1300 to 1 for the Exclusive Double Ball bet. Of course, chances of winning such a bet are low in reality as both balls are predicted to fall in the same number slot.

Still, it adds up a dose of intense sensation to the game. And, fans of the Double Ball Roulette will love it for a massive payout.

Betting options

The Double Ball Roulette comes with almost identical betting options as the regular single-ball roulette.

However, the payouts are slightly different and there’s the addition of the Exclusive Double Ball bet.

Since two balls are required to fit in the betting requirement for double chances. These bets come with a 3 to 1 payout in the Double Ball Roulette.

For instance, if player bets on red or black, the payout will be on the mentioned rate. The same goes for the high/low and odd/even bets while both balls need to fit in the betting description.

On the other hand, some bets require either one of the balls to land in the desired area to win.

If a player bets on a single number and one of the balls fall in the right number slot, the 17 to 1 payout is awarded.

Even so, if both balls fall in the same matching slot, the prize is doubled.

The Double Ball Roulette comes with the split option with 8 to 1 payout. And, a street option with 5 to 1 payout if one of the balls land in the winning spot.

Corner and Line bets pay 3,5 to 1 and 2 to 1, respectively. Ultimately, this game is a great addition to the existing portfolio of online roulette games and it will satisfy the players.

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