Lightning Baccarat by Evolution – Winning is Essential

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If you are looking for the best variant of online Baccarat, Evolution’s Lightning Baccarat could be the solution!

Lightning Baccarat includes all the aspects of standard Baccarat game only with an additional feature.

Two side bets are also there to spice things up as Evolution’s goal is to make unprecedented variants of live casino games.

Moreover, players will observe the game from an enjoyable and artistic studio and a clear live camera feed.

What makes Lightning Baccarat special?

The Lightning Baccarat is an innovative version of the game featuring the famous Lightning feature by Evolution.

Evolution previously included this feature in its unique versions of roulette and Blackjack.

The game includes standard Baccarat rules as players are betting on the player or the dealer to win.

The goal is to come as close as possible to the total value of 9 for the two cards drawn. If necessary, the third card will also be drawn.

This happens in the case where neither player nor dealer gets a total of 8 or 9 for the initial two cards.

Each game round takes place swiftly and players can enjoy the thrill of betting in several rounds in a matter of minutes.

Still, the best aspect of the game is the Lightning feature that awards a random multiplier. Namely, during each game round, one to five numbers will be designated with a multiplier value.

If the designated card is a part of a winning hand and the player placed a bet on it, the multiplier is applied.

However, if two multipliers collide, players can reach an astonishing payout of x512 multiplier!

The Lightning Baccarat is a unique variant of the game as no other provider has a matching solution.

Players will only have to pay the price of this incredible feature with a 20% fee on all bets.

Betting options

The Lightning Baccarat comes with all the classic Baccarat betting options. Players can bet on the player to win or the banker to win.

Still, the tie bet is by far the best option in terms of payout as it usually pays 9 to 1. However, the tie bet in Lightning Baccarat comes with a slightly different payout.

Namely, the tie bet payout is 5 to 1 in this game just because of the Lightning feature.

Players will pay the price of the feature through the lower tie bet payout and a 20% fee on all bets.

Still, it’s a worthy risk to take considering the impressive multiplier values and the chance for two multipliers to collide.

Besides the Lightning feature and standard bets, the Lightning Baccarat also comes with two side bets.

These optional bets are the Player’s Pair and the Banker’s Pair side bets.

Both bets require a pair out of two initial cards to win, the only difference is in the card owner designation.

Ultimately, the Lightning Baccarat is an exciting and unusual variant of online Baccarat that all enthusiasts should experience.

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