Monopoly Live by Evolution – Unique and Exciting

November 3, 2022 Posted in Games, Live Casino by No Comments

Evolution Gaming proves its dedication and contribution to the online casino games market with the new Monopoly Live game.

Not only is this game highly innovative and unique, but it also offers some exceptional winning chances.

It is fairly easy to stake on the new Monopoly Live game as the game rules are simple.

The multitude of additional bonus rounds and multipliers makes it even more tempting.

Monopoly Live is a fun online casino game suitable for all players, so let’s get into more detail.

Gameplay aspects of the Monopoly Live game

The new Monopoly Live game by Evolution features the aspect of the company’s recognized Dream Catcher aspects.

There certainly aren’t many similar live casino games to Monopoly Live.

Moreover, Evolution gaming signed a unique agreement with Hasbro enabling them to officially use the Monopoly theme.

Since this is the only Monopoly casino game available online, the features and graphics both resemble the board game.

The complete game focus is focusing on the giant spinning wheel. Players are available to bet on one of the numbers of fields or chances.

The whole gaming sensation is increased even more with unique betting patterns.

Namely, players can choose to bet on number fields; 1, 2, 5, and 10. If a player bets on a number and wins, the win is multiplied by the given number.

Therefore, the player gets a 1 to 1 profit if the number 1 field lands and the player put a bet on it.

It gets tough not to bet on larger numbers, having in mind the massive multipliers in play.

However, number bets aren’t the only available bets for players to stake on.

There are additional bets, enabling players to bet on 2 rolls or 4 rolls fields.

If however, the pointer stops at the chance field, the player will be awarded a chance card much like in the board game.

Afterward, Mr. Monopoly will draw the card and award an instant cash win or multiplier.

Bonus rounds include amazing winning opportunities

What truly matters in the game is to put some bets on the 2 rolls or 4 rolls fields.

Those bets will trigger the bonus round if the 2 rolls and 4 rolls fields land.

Although the base game Monopoly Live experience is exciting enough, the bonus round offers much bigger prizes.

The whole game transforms into an exciting 3D bonus with an authentic Monopoly path.

Monopoly Live features all the aspects of the board game, including playing fields, jail, free pass, and go start field.

The 3D bonus awards players with multipliers and the number of dice rolls are determined by the landed spot.

Monopoly Live is a truly inspiring game to find in online casinos these days.

The game flows with nostalgic and exciting gaming sensations to motivate each player to try it.

As there is a constant lack of new and creative ideas, it’s a pleasure to uncover a game as unique as Monopoly Live.