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Roulette is arguably one of the oldest games in gambling circles which never loses its appeal among gamblers. Irrespective of  whether you choose to play roullete in a brick and mortar casino or an online casino, you are guaranteed to get  a great gaming experience and if you are lucky, line your pockets with loads of cash. Read on for more on Roulette.


Playing roullet online is pretty easy  since you only have to load your account and select your most favorite variant of roulette. Speaking of variants, although there are multiple variants of roulette, European and American roulette are the most popular. Therefore, before you engage in playing either of them, it is important to learn how each work and their differences.

American Roulette

American roulette has undergone several transformations over time to be the game we call American Roulette. Today, American Roulette comprises of 2 green slots (for 0 and 00) and numbered slots up to 36. In the 19th century, for instance, American roulette had 28 numbered slots, 2 green slots and an additional slot bearing the American eagle. During this time, the odds were hugely stacked against the player with the house making a killing approximately about each and every 10th spin. With the modern American Roulette, although the house still has a sizeable advantage, the players’ odds have vastly improved.


European Roulette

Compared to American Roulette, European Roulette has been around for a fairly longer time and it originated from Germany and France. Unlike its cousin, this variant of roulette has only one slot for a zero which makes it more potentially profitable. Well, if you are an ardent roulette gamer, you obviously know that the green zero slot represents the house edge which currently stands at 2.70% for European Roulette. Therefore, technically speaking, if the roulette wheel didn’t have the “0” slots, players would eventually break even in the long run and we all know casinos don’t run a charity.

How to play roulette

Roulette is largely a black and red affair and hence very easy to play. However, the zero slots are green in color and as we mentioned earlier, represents the house edge. Therefore, you can bet on the colors the roulette ball will land on or you can be more specific and wager on a specific numbered slot, although that action is quite risky.

To begin gameplay, you have to place your bets on the roulette wheel. As mentioned earlier, you can bet on colors, red or black, a group of numbers or single numbers. You can even bet on odd or even.

After placing your bets, press “spin” to set the roulette wheel in motion.

After hitting the “spin” button, all you have to do is to wait for the outcome. It is imperative to note that you stand a 50/50 chance to win if you place an outside bet on red/black, better odds when you bet on a group of numbers but it is riskier to bet on a single number.


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