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As one of the leading providers of live casino games, Ezugi enhances its collection with new Jackpot Roulette.

The wheel-game lovers are in for quite a surprise as this online roulette is nothing like a regular one.

With the jackpot feature available, the whole gaming experience is under some changes.

Players only have to invest a small part of the stake on each spin to qualify. Later on, during the game, the jackpot can occur at any moment and for any player, making it even more interesting.

Those that enjoy this type of game should be happy to keep reading for the relevant information.

How Jackpot Roulette works

Ezugi made a solid roulette platform to connect the players.

If one player wins the jackpot, the other will be able to see the informative message. Possibly the best thing about the Ezugi Jackpot Roulette is that the progressive is based on daily mechanics.

In other words, the jackpot is guaranteed to be won by a player on the daily basis.

However, players have no method to use to determine the value of the jackpot right before it is won.

There is no designated jackpot growth limit, so the game comes with a special thrill of its own.

Jackpot Roulette takes away approximately AUD2 for each spin that the player participates in.

No matter the outcome of the spin, the separated amount goes to the jackpot prize.

So, as long as players are spinning, the jackpot will grow for the mentioned value by each spin.

The best part is that sometimes the jackpot will rise significantly before being up, while sometimes it will be in cash sooner.

An already intense roulette gameplay gains on the thrill even more with this addition.

General Details

There are a vast number of casino games available on gambling sites in AU.

However, roulette games have always been among the most-played ones. Now when AU players have Ezugi Jackpot Roulette in the selection, the choice is quite easy to make.

Not only does this game come with an amazing daily jackpot prize, but it also offers some incredible gameplay aspects.

For instance, the whole layout of the game is much more pleasurable to watch, in comparison with regular roulette games.

Ezugi made sure to come up with a roulette interface that will aid the players and motivate them to keep playing.

Therefore, there are several statistical windows on the interface that players can take advantage of.

Statistical rows show players the latest numbers to land and the hot and cold numbers. Moreover, players can keep track of all statistical parameters relevant to the wheel game.

Percentage rates are open for all kinds of bets that a player can make; even or odd, pair, color bets, and specific hands.

The studio covers a live feed that players can follow without any interruptions.

Jackpot Roulette is a roulette game like no other, and players can make an extremely beneficial move of signing up to casino site offering it.

This way, the deposit bonus can be included and players can hunt for the jackpot and prizes much easier.

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