Roulette Nouveau by Relax Gaming – Special variation

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A highly-convenient online roulette variation is here by Relax Gaming with the latest addition of Roulette Nouveau.

With this roulette title, the provider spreads its live casino games offering. Relax Gaming already released some table game variants and other types of roulette. However, the Roulette Nouveau comes with all the crucial aspects of modern roulette games, only in a simpler manner.

The graphics are pleasant for the eyes and ensures that players have their focus on the game. Join us as we set out to explore the Roulette Nouveau benefits and options.

Layout and betting options of Roulette Nouveau

When it comes to the Roulette Nouveau layout, it's rather simple when compared to other variants. Still, that's exactly where its advantage lies, since it's very convenient for play.

The Roulette Nouveau is a great game both for beginners and for experienced players. It allows you to test the game by trying it out for demo credits. Once the players get a hold of the game, it’s easy to switch back and play for real money.

Although the game layout seems quite ordinary at the start, players will quickly spot the benefits. The wheel spins in a slow motion resembling the real live roulette sensation. Among auto roulette games, the Roulette Nouveau features an impeccable gaming sensation.

Unfortunately, there's no racetrack betting grid in this game, but the regular one does the job. Players can choose from a variety of available bets, including all inside and outside bets.

The Roulette Nouveau is based on European Roulette, so it comes with a single zero and 37 numbers in total. Betting on a single number will result in a 35 to 1 payout, while the split bet pays 17 to 1.

Other options involve betting on columns, rows, corners, and streets while betting on wheel sectors is also possible.

Playing convenience

Relax Gaming surely puts the focus on the game's convenience. All the game aspects add up to that cause since the game is perfectly designed even for novice players.

The chip amount varies to suit the needs of all player types, while the max bet limit is there for all bets. It's a disadvantage for experienced players not to have a racetrack betting layout. However, the Roulette Nouveau game is made to be as straightforward as possible.

It’s a perfect game for inexperienced players to learn about the famous wheel casino title. Still, there’s one more convenience for players besides the ones mentioned. Namely, the Roulette Nouveau by Relax Gaming also comes with a betting pattern option.

With this option, players can save their favorite betting patterns for later use. Up to 5 betting patterns can be saved this way, and players can make use of them at all points in the game.

Among the live casino games, Roulette Nouveau rates very high for an auto roulette. It's a perfect variant for all players and the wide range of chips available makes it great as it is.

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