Single Zero Roulette by Playtech – High Stake Action

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Famous online casino content provider Playtech keeps on making its players happy with the Single Zero Roulette.

Another variant of the European-type wheel game is therefore out, making the choice for players tougher.

However, Playtech’s Single Zero Roulette is unlike all the other variants because of incredible playing convenience.

Everything is arranged for the player to sit back and relax while playing the bellowed wheel-game.

Playtech included all the necessary aspects to make the game eligible for all players and even beginners.

Let’s now go over the main advantages that Playtech Single Zero Roulette has to offer to players.

Game Layout filled with useful options

Roulette is perhaps the game of chance that requires the most concentration at all points. Not that it offers too much strategic practice, but mainly because of the fast-paced gameplay and high stakes.

Players should first come up with a betting pattern and limit their stake per spin if they want to stay in the game longer.

However, with the Single Zero Roulette by Playtech, players will have all the necessary information at their disposal.

It is easy to follow your stakes and betting pattern history because of all statistical windows included.

Like in most European roulette games, this one also offers a complete history of landed numbers.

However, Playtech offers an option that most other branded roulette games don’t – the betting history.

Players can this way follow their betting patterns used in previous spins and repeat some if they wish so.

There’s also the famous bet builder option that comes with all Playtech roulette games.

By using the bet builder option, players can save their betting patterns and re-use them as many times as possible.

This saves a lot of time for the player, as sometimes it’s tough to set up your entire bet in the mere 30 seconds given.

Bet placement in Single Zero Roulette

One of the best aspects of the Single Zero Roulette game by Playtech is a broad choice of available bets.

Players can bet on a single number and get a 35 to 1 payout, or choose split, street, and corner options.

Another great thing about this particular Single Zero Roulette is the insurance options in case zero lands.

Namely, players will have the option to use La Partage or En Prison rules. Although these rules only apply when betting on double chances, they still come in quite convenient.

Players can only use one of these rules at a time. When La Partage is active and the ball lands on zero slot, the player can get half of the bet returned.

However, if a player prefers the En Prison rule, the stake will stand for another spin that follows.

The result of the following spin will apply to the bet. Overall, the Single Zero Roulette brings a much-needed dose of excitement for online players.

Playtech made a great job including all the latest gameplay mechanics to equip the game with a unique style.

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