Speed Blackjack by Evolution – Fastest Live game ever made

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When it comes to live dealing games for the online casino market, no provider can keep up with Evolution, and Speed Blackjack proves it.

This particular variant stands out for its intense and fast-paced gameplay that provides the additional thrill in-game.

Among all the variants of online Blackjack, Speed Blackjack is the fastest out there in terms of gameplay and game decisions.

It’s an impressive release from Evolution, but players should get to know the details before placing a bet on Speed Blackjack.

About the Speed Blackjack by Evolution

Although Speed Blackjack is the first of its kind on the online market, Evolution previously developed other versions of Speed games.

Therefore, players had the chance to test the Speed Roulette and Speed Baccarat titles, where the accent is also put on gameplay speed.

Still, Blackjack perhaps attracts the most players as it’s a beloved game for every experienced online player.

Among the Blackjack titles that Evolution released so far, this is the only version that focuses on swift play.

We had the chance to witness the quality of Evolution’s Infinite Blackjack, Free Bet Blackjack, and Power Blackjack before. Still, the intense gameplay sensation that Speed Blackjack provides is unprecedented.

During the round of Speed Blackjack, the entire thrill of the game fits in the single moment when players are requested to make a decision.

Slightly changed game dynamics for a pleasurable experience

The action in the Speed Blackjack unfolds accordingly to the name of the game. Players first enter Evolution’s Speed Blackjack studio where the dealers provide them a warm welcome.

Afterward, players are seated and the dealing round takes place. Each player will be dealt with the initial two cards in a classic Blackjack manner.

However, the changes occur after the first dealing round. Namely, all players are given a chance to hit, double down, or split.

As all players are given these options at the same moment. As soon as one that acts first will be dealt another card first.

It all depends on how confident the player is in the decision. This option in this game divides players into real experienced players. And, those that lack the speed to win in the round.

Evolution always creates the most innovative live dealing games for online casinos. So, the mechanics of Speed Blackjack are as expected.

All the game elements that players could need are included. While there are fewer side bets than games like Power Blackjack allow.

Still, Speed Blackjack has an outstanding quality of its own. Since players will be able to enjoy several rounds of Blackjack in just a few minutes.

Evolution had its players in mind when making this game since the provider strives to provide the best game elements in specific games.

AU players can certainly have a blast while playing any of Evolution's prominent Blackjack titles, but only this game offers such game speed.

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