Super Sic Bo by Evolution – Beautiful yet Simple

May 25, 2021 Posted in Games, Live Casino by No Comments

For the lovers of live casino games, there’s no better release to try in 2021 than Super Sic Bo by Evolution! The exciting variant of the traditional Asian game type involves several additions that improve it.

Players will be in for a special treat regarding the mystery multiplier feature, while all the betting options are included. Evolution has already proven itself as a top-quality provider of live casino games. So, be sure to join us on the quest to deliver all the significant Super Sic Bo aspects to AU players!

What separates Super Sic Bo from other titles?

Evolution has invested sufficient efforts to provide a unique yet worthy variant of the Asian favorite game. Over the years, Sic Bo versions started showing up on the worldwide market, spreading the influence of the game.

However, rare are those that dared to produce a high-quality variant of the game until now. Evolution Gaming is one of those providers that never fails to deliver a top-notch version of live dealing titles.

The new Super Sic Bo truly stands by its name as the game has a lot to offer. Besides the regular traits of Sic Bo releases, this game also offers a unique win multiplier. It’s not uncommon for Evolution to include such elements in its live games.

Some of their Roulette and table game variants also include this type of engagement booster. Still, it’s a fairly unique trait of a Sic Bo game and it adds up to the overall playing convenience.

Every hand could result in win multipliers up to x1000 as the random prizes are awarded for specific bets. So, if you've placed the right bet, you could end up scoring a win multiplier that changes the outcome of the round!

Wagering options that suit the needs of all players

When it comes to the betting options of the Super Sic Bo game by Evolution, the choice is diverse. Each player will be able to find a betting choice that is perfect for each playing style.

Regarding the Sic Bo wagering choice, the most secure options are double chances. These possibilities include betting on the high/low and even/odd options. All of the mentioned solutions offer an even payout, double the stake.

Even so, the Super Sic Bo game offers a much larger choice for those that wish to take a risk. Such options include betting on specific doubles and triples. One of the highest-paying options among the Super Sic Bo choice is the total dice value option.

Once the dices are placed in a box, the players can try to guess the total value of all three dice results. Such an option involves payout rates of up to x50!

Combined with the random win multiplier of the Super Sic Bo game, these options guarantee a decent playing round. Evolution has stepped up its game with this release which it can now offer among the premium live casino releases!