Live Casino at Jackpot City

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Jackpot City casino is among the few online casinos that offer live casino features to their clients. The live casino is accessible from a web browser on both computers and mobile devices.

Jackpot City

  • AU$1600 in Bonus
  • A wide range of games
  • A leading online casino globally

Playing your favorite casino games is now a reality whether you are on the move or want to catch a break at your work station or in the comfort of your home. To play live casino games for real returns, you will have to set up an account at JackpotCity. Crisp video and quality sound are some of the features of the JackpotCity live casino.

How Can You Access JackpotCity’s Live Casino?

Players interested in taking part in JackpotCity’s live casino games first need to login to their accounts. Players who have existing JackpotCity casino accounts do not need to set up new ones to access the live casino. The player can use an existing JackpotCity casino login details to access the live casino. But if you don’t have any account at the casino, you will have to set up one to play at the live casino. After logging in to your JackpotCity live casino account, navigate to the bottom of the page and click on the “Live Dealer” button.

What Are the Games Available at Jackpotcity Live Casino?

JackpotCity offers an extensive game selection. Players at JackpotCity live casino can take part in Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat games. The chat support feature allows players to communicate with other players or the live dealer. Whether you want to see the deck being shuffled or the roulette wheel rolling, Jackpot City offers a rich gaming experience via state-of the art video streaming technologies. To find out whether you can take part in a casino game, a player has to check out if there is an open slot. A player can only take part in a live game that has empty slots to accommodate a new player.

Who Are the Developers of Jackpotcity Live Casino Games?

JackpotCity has partnered with Evolution Gaming, a reputable game developer, to design and develop casino games for its live casino. Evolution Gaming designed games available for play at the JackpotCity live casino feature crisp video, and clear sound thanks to cutting-edge live streaming technology.

What Are the Features of The Jackpotcity Live Casino?

JackpotCity live casino has features that make gameplay seamless, realistic and exciting. There are features such as History, Chat, Sounds, Settings, Help and Full Screen at the live casino’s user interface. The History feature allows a player to keep track of his/her gaming. A player can know how much was spent at which specific game and at what time by clicking the “history” button. The chat feature is for communicating with the live dealer or other players during gameplay.

The “help” feature at the live casino if for getting assistance on issues arising during gameplay at JackpotCity’s live casino. A player can also decide to toggle the live casino being streamed to full screen and back to window view using the “full screen” button.

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