Playtech Presents New Bet Builder for Roulette

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Playing online roulette games live is one of the most interesting ways to gamble from the comfort of your home. What’s not that great about it, however, is the small amount of time between spins that players have to set up their bets.

Luckily, Playtech now offers a solution for players that enjoy playing their own pre-set bet by introducing the Bet Builder.

Roulette Games – Advantages of Bet Builder for Players

Having a Bet builder option available changes the entire game for some players and gives Playtech the upper hand in attracting new players. This tool is convenient for all existing Playtech roulette tables.

Players will no longer have to hurry and organize their betting patterns again and again for every next spin. Instead, the Bet builder recognizes the previous betting pattern and enables it for whenever the player wishes so.

The greatest advantage for players is certainly lower time consumption. As the two consecutive spins give players approximately 30 seconds to set their bets. Having a pre-set betting pattern truly makes a difference.

Sometimes players hurry too much to manage setting up the desired hand and often overlook a number or two in all that rush.

The bet builder gives you more than enough time to thoroughly check your bet before the spin of a roulette games starts.

There is also the possibility to use Bet builder to save several betting patterns and have them all available for playing in every moment.

Playing convenience is drastically enhanced with this method and it challenges other competitive casino software like Red Tiger, Play'n GO, Nextgen Gaming, or Elk Studios studios.

In that light, Playtech will surely add more similar tools to the live roulette games interface.

How to Use the Playtech Bet Builder?

Now that players know all about the significance of the Bet builder and its advantages for players, let's talk using this tool in the game.

Possibly the best thing regarding the Bet builder is that players don't need log in a game. This also doesn't affect the setting up of the betting pattern.

It can be done offline, without any hurry, on the standard roulette betting layout or race layout.

After a player sets the pattern, it should also save it into theirs personal bets. This way, player can use that pattern anytime.

Moreover, the same pattern is convenient for all Playtech roulette tables. And, more betting patterns can be saved using the same method.

Ultimately, it is up to the player to decide on how much these patterns he wants Of course, by using the Bet builder, as well as on whether to use them.

The tool itself is located in the player’s interface of Playtech roulette tables. Therefore, the complete betting pattern for a spin is just one click away.

Playtech is certainly going to add more similar roulette tools. Such as: the Lucky Dip as they enhance the player's vision to the game.

Anyway, it's certain that the players experience will surely be improved when it comes to roulette games.

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