Animals That Brings Luck in the World

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Luck. for someone is pure superstition, while for other people is a sign of something that follows you anywhere you go and brings you good things on your way.

Also, it’s a really needed and important component in the casino world because, without it, you can barely win any game.

Luck is associated may things; good luck charms, colors, specific clothes, even plants like the four-leaved glover.

It sounds crazy, but for many people, it has helped.

Even some animals have been considered pretty lucky all around the world and in some cultures.

Check them out in order to have them in mind the next time you will spin the wheel!


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It’s the most famous animal that everyone praises and buys in order to have luck and good things coming their way.

In the Slavic folklore, the goldfish can make all of your dreams come true (just like a genie).

It can also give you lots of money if you choose to release it back in the water.

It also means fertility, good fortune and it also is one of the 8 sacred symbols of Buddha.

I highly doubt it’s anything less than a superstitious thing and everyone definitely needs to give it a try!


The white rabbit is also a very famous animal that brings luck and good fortune all around the world.

Especially in the casino and gambling world, this animal is highly praised.

It's also believed to bring big wins and lots of money to the man that believes in it.

There are lucky charms with a white rabbit on it, this animal is all over the fashion industry, there are even people who tattoo it on their body.

Who can blame them? Not me.


The frogs are ancient lucky animals because they only appear when there is rain pouring out of the sky.

In the past, the rain was also considered lucky because then the farm people would be happy because of their crops growing and resulting in fruits.

This animal is also considered lucky in the Asian culture, especially in Japan and China.

It’s a symbol of fertility and safety, and there is even a slot named after it, the famous Super Lucky Frog slot!


Everyone was pretty much expecting this. The elephants are gracious animals with elegant moves and they are just so beautiful.

Well, according to India and the Buddhist religion, it’s also an animal bringing luck and good fortune as well.

People even place figures and lucky charms wherever they go in the shape of an elephant in order to have more money, happiness, and more casino wins as well.

There are even slot machines with this animal as the main figure. It’s definitely worth trying your luck with this one.

Lady Bug

The color red is widely popular in the casino and gambling industry and this bug carries it on its bug as well.

In Ancient Egypt, this animal was praised because it kept God Ra’s heart protected.

In Europe, especially in Russia and the Balkan countries, if a ladybug land on your hand or anywhere on your body, it’s considered lucky.

You shouldn’t shoo it away because that way you’re shooing your luck as well. 

As I mentioned before, not everyone believes in this.

These are only few of the many animals that are considered lucky all around the world.

And to those who truly believe and have faith, it can really bring some big wins!


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