Benefits of a gambling regulation

May 23, 2019 Posted in News by No Comments

As of today, online gambling is legal for people in Australia provided that the online casino hosts their website outside Australia and has its operation abroad. The situation is pretty similar to the one Sweden had for years before their regulation 1st of January 2019.

It seems to exist a standpoint where there is a kind of nobility in not legalising gambling, and that it’s a way to protect people from being addicted. Since some people want and will be gambling online regardless of the legality of it, the best way to protect people from fraudulent operators and unsound gambling habits is likely to regulate a market. Markets, where gambling has been totally forbidden, the law pushes gamblers into illegal operators violence.

Fresh examples of this being True

There have been a couple of examples in the last years that point out the benefits of a regulation. Both Sweden and the United Kingdom have seen a positive development summarised to the following:

Benefits of regulation

  • Fewer gamblers that suffer from addiction
  • Tax income from licensed operators
  • No money laundering through online casinos
  • Regulated advertising space

Keys and tools

  • Digital identification, 2-step
  • Self-exclusion on a national level
  • Only one welcome bonus per operator license
  • Play pause option
  • Player budgets with a maximum loss
  • No advertising that appeals to underage
  • No advertising presenting gambling as a way to get rich.
  • Limited direct marketing

Sweden got regulated the 1st of January 2019 after a long period of being a market without regulations. In many ways, the market worked very much like Australia does today. By the 1st of April 2019 over 30 000 people had self-excluded themselves from casinos with the Swedish License. That's how you protect gamblers.

Conclusion: The right way to go for Australia to create a more healthy gambling environment is to regulate the way online gambling facilities are being used. The best way to do this is to make a regulation of the market for gambling and betting. We hope the Australia Gambling Authority take some action on this.