How to Keep the Money & Protect the Fall

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Winning a big jackpot is a rare occurrence. Once in a lifetime for many. If one frequents physical or online casinos, the law of averages state that eventually they will win big. It may take years, hundreds of rolls of the dice, thousands of pulls on the old slot machine, but eventually luck will smile. Most professional gamblers make profit in small installments, so dealing with a big win is never on the horizon.

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They still plan for one though, because a big jackpot requires some consideration. This is an aspect most never consider with a big win, the moment after. Jackpots in excess of a few thousand dollars need to be wisely dealt with. Although it is a wonderful feeling at first, the moment after can be quite a pain. If not handled correctly, many people who experience a windfall will turn around and lose it all.

Withdraw Most of the Winnings Immediately

Big winners at traditional casinos are always offered perks. Sometimes those perks can include free meals, free rooms, even free tickets to shows. The purpose behind these perks is to keep the winner inside the casino. The house knows that it has an opportunity to win its money back, especially if the winner keeps betting. Just because one wins big does not mean they will keep winning. Same can be said of online casinos. Online casinos are even more treacherous because satisfaction is almost instantaneous. Traditional casinos make big winners wait a bit before their reward. They have to check some t's and cross some i's. Digital is a lot faster, which means that winnings pop right up in one's account. At least in a traditional casino winners have a chance to cool down.

The best step to make win winning big in an online casino is to stop gambling. As the continuation of gambling runs the risk of losing it all, simply nip that factor in the bud. One surefire way to stop gambling is to withdraw most of the winnings as fast as possible. This way the temptation will not be there and one can walk away with at least most of what they have gained. Luckily, withdrawing from an online casino is just as fast as the payout. So click over to the cashier and deposit those winnings.

Have a Plan

Another way to curb betting is to make plans with the money won. Plan to payoff some overdue bills, factor in a amount to put into savings, allocate some fund to that auto work that has been put off. Making plans with the money reserves its purpose, that way it is not just sitting there begging for friends.

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Do Not Expect A Repeat Performance

The pitfall trapping most winners is the belief that they can win even more. They want to test the boundaries of their newfound luck. It is tempting to try to chase luck with more luck, but remember a big jackpot is very rare. The statistics are always stacked in the favor of the house, so if a person wins they are defying a lot of odds. Do not expect a repeat performance of that jackpot.

In fact, one of the best things to do after a big win is to take a break. Walk away from gambling for awhile and cool off. Online casinos even have cool down options clients can take advantage of. The best advice when winning a big jackpot is to take a moment and digest what has happened. Do not get caught up in the fervor and act without thinking!