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As technology becomes advanced, so does the online casino industry. The user interface technological features become better with an automated system that works like a well oiled machine. People do not need to settle for gambling at physical casinos anymore, because they can feel that same rush at home while sitting on the couch playing on a mobile device. Players are moving with the wave, so let’s take a look at some of the ways online gaming has improved.

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Better Gaming Technology

Some online casinos only had a certain set of games such as table and slots. In the past, players thought this was the best thing since sliced cake! However, these options were mediocre to say the least compared to the technology that exists today. Now, casinos have increased the amount of money a jackpot can pay out, sometimes reaching into the millions. Also, there are instant scratch cards where players can click on a box and win instant cash prizes. Moreover, the visuals are better, including the 3D slots with full animations that engulf the entire screen showing the player walking inside the casino and sitting at a machine pulling the lever. In the past, players could not place a wager on a horse race on one tab and then click back on another tab and play with the live dealers while waiting for the sportsbetting scores to come in. Now, they can do that!

More Bonuses Are Getting Bigger

Bonuses are the lure for most players to a casino. They open the doors for new players to try out the website for the very first time. During the conception of online casinos, the only bonuses available were the first deposit promotions. If players make a deposit for a certain amount of money, more credits would be given to play inside the online casino. Now, there are a variety of bonus options available such as VIP options for loyal players with different levels of benefits and rewards. There are also weekend, weekday, and holiday bonuses given out during certain times. Usually, the more bonuses that are available the more players will come and enjoy themselves.

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No More Long Waits For E-Wallet Payouts

Some customers might not look twice at an online gaming site unless it offers a variety of payout methods with withdrawals in a short time. Some of the most popular e-wallet payment systems include PayPal and Neteller. In the past, the only payout methods and deposit options were ACH transfer, bank wire, and credit cards. Withdrawals are faster, sometimes taking a few minutes, with e-wallets. Players love the convenience of getting their money paid out quickly, which is why they frequent certain sites more often than others.

Regulations Are Improving

Some people might think that more regulations are a bad thing, but it is in fact a good thing as it protects the company and the player. In the past only players from certain areas could play online, but now regulations have decreased opening up more websites to more players from around the world. Even in the United States, where it is illegal for citizens to gamble on online casinos, this country has its own online casinos operating out of New Jersey and Nevada (states where gambling is legal) because the industry is so lucrative. Since players are willing to move outside the country just to enjoy online gambling, the local governments decided to offer the online options.

One international restriction that is now in place is players getting verified by uploading a picture of a government-issued identification card to prove their age. Online casinos also have a GambleAware certification so the player does not place too many bets. This promotes responsible gambling. Many sites are mandated by the UK Gambling Commission or licensed in the country of Gibraltar or Malta.

More Innovations Are Coming!

What the future brings for online casinos can only be imagined. One thing for certain, online casinos are changing at a fast pace. Eventually, there will be someone who discovers or develops a new technology that the online gaming industry will adopt. Administering surveys is one of the best ways of understanding players' mind to assist with ideas of creating these technologies.

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