Most Common Casino Dress Codes

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Casino world may seem like a world for addicts and junkies who like to spend their last dime on their addiction, but that’s a very bad myth.

The gambling world is actually much more than that.

This world and all the people in it are classy, elegant and love to hang out with people from the higher grounds and beacuse of this they have established a casino dress code.

A night in the casino is like a night in the theater or when you to the movies; you’re supposed to be classy and elegant, and you can’t be dressed however you want.


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That’s just not the way these things work.

The casino rooms, especially in Las Vegas and Monte Carlo are ball nights, and its often classified as a black-tie event.

Learn more about the do’s and dont’s of dressing when you want to go to a casino.

And spent an amazing night gambling, drinking and hanging out with new people!

White Tie

The casino itself always makes clear about the type of outfits they demand, and when if they require a ‘white tie only’, you just know that the business is about to get down.

White tie is the kind of category that’s the most formal of them all.

It’s also called ‘Full Evening Dress’ and it dates all the way back to the 18th century.

It’s high-class because only royals and people from the high grounds dress like this.

If this is what the casino demands, just know that you will need to get the best out of yourself.

For women, it means an evening long gown with heels and accessories like tiaras and long white gloves, while for the men, it’s usually:

  • Black dress coat and matching pants
  • White shirt
  • White bowtie
  • Gray or white gloves
  • Black leather shoes and black socks to match them.

Black Tie

It’s much more casual than the white tie, but it’s still very formal and definitely not even near next to casual.

It’s usually worn to events after 6 pm and in some cases, it’s often called semi-formal.

For men, it means black bowtie paired with a white shirt, black leather shoes, and a dinner jacket.

While, for women, it’s much more relaxed and it can vary from full-evening gowns to cocktail dresses.

Unlike in the past, where the women were required to dress the same way as the white tie was demanding.

Business casual

This one is the most common category since the women are allowed to choose between skirts, khakis, and basic pants.

It’s a no cleavage party, and they are allowed to either wear a shirt or a sweater.

The men, on the other hand, aren’t required to wear a tie and they can wear shirts with an open or closed collar and trousers. 

The black and white tie requests are really rare and, as I mentioned before, are required only if the casino is either for royals and businessmen or if it’s in Monaco.

The way you’re dressed shouldn’t stop you from having fun and having the time of your life.

After all, the casino is meant to make you feel relaxed and at ease.


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