Countries Where It’s Illegal to Play Online Casinos

February 28, 2020 Posted in News by No Comments

The gambling industry offers some serious profit towards the country.

But, if not played with caution, it can become a serious problem really quickly.

That’s why the government has a tough time between choosing whether it’s good or bad for their people.

But, some countries have decided straight away that casino activities are not good.

That's why it’s illegal in a lot of countries around the world, especially in the Islamic countries.

Even though a lot of people enjoy the gambling world and its benefits like better social life and more money, still, the following countries have prohibited the satisfaction of this activity.

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United Arab Emirates (UAE)

This country located in the Middle East is one of the richest countries in the world.

It contains luxury, gold and there's the mesmerizing Arabian Sea.

But, no matter what, gambling and online luck-based games are prohibited here.

This law exists mainly because, according to Islam, it’s sinful.

Gambling on a ship is okay, as long as it’s sailing and not being anchored in the UAE.

The fine for gambling activities is a fine of two years in prison and 20,000 dirhams ($5.444). 


Same as the UAE, Qatar also strictly prohibits luck-based games, both physically and online.

As I mentioned before, it’s because religious reasons and not even camel and horse riding races are allowed.

But, that doesn’t mean that both in the UAE and in Qatar there aren’t illegal gamblings.

There are mafia houses that host casino games such as poker and they communicate with the clients through a text message.

That's how the gambling business in the Middle East functions.

If you get caught, the fine is at least 3 months in prison and 3.000 riyals ($800) worth of money.


In Poland, people love sports and enjoy participating in them and that’s why the only legal gambling there is sports betting.

Everything else is banned. 


The first time a person is caught gambling in Kuwait will be sent to prison for 3 months.

If it’s repeated it can be up to 2 years worth of prison stay.

It’s a neighbor country with the Islamic countries in the Middle East and their beliefs are pretty much the same.

But, Kuwait hasn’t relaxed its laws and it’s still is strict as it was in the past too, unlike countries like UAE that are more relaxed nowadays.

The Kuwait goverment is extremely stern with casinos, but when it comes to camel and horse riding, they aren't as prohibited because riding schools and instructors exist.

Bcause of that, we can say that the racing is much more liberally treated.


The gambling law was decided in 1998 and since then, everything is banned except for sports gambling.

It’s the same case as  Poland.

The money fine costs 35K Turkish lira ($6,700) and the fines can even lead to prison.

North Korea

North Korea is strictly against the gambling industry and it doesn’t plan on supporting it any soon.

The locals are banned from gambling and only the tourists are allowed to do such activities and it's all regulated. If you break the law, the penalty is 5M Wons  ($4.099), there is a possibility of prison stay.

These are only few of the countries that don’t like this kind of activity.

The reasons behind these bans are various reasons, but at the end of the day, it’s nothing scary as long as you do a good research in case you’re planning to travel in some of these countries.