Gameart Ink Partnership with Greenlogic

November 2, 2022 Posted in Games, Live Casino, News by No Comments

A new and prospective partnership in the online casino industry arrives as Gameart Inks partnership with Stakelogic.

To be more accurate, Gameart signs with Greenlogic, a technology department of Stakelogic.

Greenlogic focuses on bringing together some of the most successful slot providers in the industry.

Moreover, teamwork among providers is required to create better games, so Gameart Inkwill get the chance to collaborate with the best.

The new partnership agreement already looks promising, and interested players should read the rest to find out all the details.

Gameart Ink – Main details of the Deal

Stakelogic has partnered up with some of the best slot publishers in the world to work together on the new Greenlogic platform.

The platform creates a solution that enables the providers to instantly create new slot games.

All gaming aspects, from gameplay mechanics to bonus rounds and payouts are already available.

Even though Stakelogic marks its brand name on all slots produced in this manner, the partners get their names listed as well.

The main benefit of the Greenlogic program is that casino operators can instantly see new games via this platform.

With that, Gameart could work on the creation of many new games that are easily accessible by worldwide players.

Having this in mind, it is clear that Gameart Ink can profit a lot from this deal.

On the other hand, Stakelogic needs all the help it can get since the popularity of Greenlogic rises.

All those aspects only add up to the overall value of the partnership for both gaming companies.

Improving the game with Greenlogic

Greenlogic started as the idea of bringing together the brains behind some of the best online slots.

Experts in the field of online slot features, graphics, and gameplay mechanics share their ideas through Greenlogic.

The project started a little bit slow but now counts over 10 included partner companies.

Gameart makes the perfect addition to the program, having in mind their latest game featuring Megaways mechanics.

Their games come equipped with bonus features and free spins rounds to make it all seem better.

However, their games lacked the publicity, as the provider still has to accumulate its player base.

Stakelogic saw the opportunity in Gameart Ink slots and acted swiftly to attract the provider into signing the partnership.

Now, worldwide players will be able to access and try the Gameart slots produced with help of the Greenlogic platform.

Unique ideas can be a demonstration of pure class in every business, so Stakelogic truly deserves all the praise.

Not only will players and operators get a single place to choose new games, but the providers also get to work with the best.

The organization of slot tournaments didn't help Gameart Ink so much in drawing new players.
Hopefully, the Greenlogic platform can, and players will get the chance to unlock the hidden potential of Gameart Ink titles.

Time will tell if the partnership does any good for the two companies, as we await more participants of the Greenlogic network.