How Did Online Casinos Start?

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The history of gambling dates as early as Paleolithic times.

People have always loved to try their luck with animals.

There were even scammers that knew nothing about gambling but still managed to make money.

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But, the gambling way of making money still exists, and it's doing pretty good.

Well, online gambling is the same way of making money as the classic physcical old fashioned way, except that it’s not physical (you can’t touch it).

It’s played online, with strangers, on smartphones, laptops, and tablets. 

Online gambling

Online gambling started in the mid-90s of the previous century.

Or more specifically, it exists since 1994, when the Caribbean nation of Barbuda and Antigua. They were the first to regulate it.

They were offering free and fair online gambling and people went for it.

But, officially, the first online casino was in 1996, and it was called InterCasino.

It worked with real money and has paid out nearly $3 billion to this day.

People were ensured and safe thanks to Cryptologic, a financial software that provided services such as transactions.

In the same year, the Mohawk Territory Kahnawake Gaming Commission, a body that was officialized for legalizing gambling.

It certificated the first-ever online poker room in the world.

Because of that, NetEnt started inventing one of the most creative online games in the gambling world.

By the way, it was a Swedish developer and a newbie.

The games consisted of card games, roulette, and many other table games as well.

The most famous in its own field, Planet Poker launched none other than Texas Hold’Em Poker, the most famous online poker version in the whole world.

It never gets old.

It was invented a year before the new century began and it was a multi-player too.

By then, the gambling industry was worth around $800 million and it didn’t plan on stopping any time soon.

And then, the tables turned. America banned every online game that existed and it caused a drop in gambling’s net worth.

But, on July 28, 2010,  online gambling was activated legally again by the USA. 

Sports betting

The sports betting came almost like a natural flow once the rise of online casinos and betting appeared.

In 1996, InterTops was the first platform to suggest a different cheering for fans’ favorite teams and individual players.

This site was followed by many others, who even decided to open online betting sites.

Betfair after entering the online gambling market in 2000 made a new revolution by innovating one-on-one betting.

That method is used to this day, by fans gambling with money and discovering whether they won or not by watching the live match on TV.

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Horse racing

This sport exists since the beginning of time.

People in Central Asia who were the first nation to domesticate the horses were organizing races and betting on them.

They were in need of money.

Then,  Hellenic nation started doing this in ancient Greece, and it was even held at the Greek Olympics.

It didn’t take much time before the Roman Empire have tried this sport too. 

Then, the thoroughbred racing started too by mixing the Arabian stallions and English mares.

But, when Queen Anne sat on the throne, this kind of gamble become a professional sport.

Since then, there are racing schools, books, and guides on how to be the best in this sport field.


The online gambling industry, especially poker, has a bright and serious future. Even with its ups and downs, with the current net worth, it will be here for a long time.