Islam and Gambling: Yes or No?

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Gambling as a practice is very popular around the whole world.

Everyone knows it; no matter the gender, religion, age and so on.

There are many people around the world that are big fans of it.

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And they never miss the chance to play a round or two.

Gambling is a very fun hobby and many countries wear it as a symbol of their nation.

But, there are also many others that strictly prohibit this kind of fun.

Who are they?

The Islamic countries in the Middle East.

They have special laws for casinos, and every practice of that kind will have its consequences.

Read on to find out more about the whole concept of why the casino is forbidden in these countries. 

The Middle East is a region in Asia where there are mainly people that practice the Islamic religion.

Some of them are UAE, Iraq, Qatar, Arabia, Cyprus, and many others.

Their life guidance is the Quran and they live by it.

And swear by it. Islam requires a certain level of devotion and because of that, you must respect its rules.

And use them as well.

These people are very against the casino and gambling because it’s considered as a shame.

Shame or haram (forbidden) is the first word that comes to mind to the Islamic people.

When you talk about the casino, of course. It’s against their religion, anywhere in the world.

But except for these countries in the Middle East, the rest of the world doesn’t prohibit this hobby.

At least not that strictly. 

In the Middle East, you can get a fine or even jail if you ever get caught gambling.

It doesn’t matter if it’s poker, cards or board games.

Gambling is gambling. 

I don’t deny it that there are illegal casino rooms in these countries.

Of course, there is.

This law only applies to the citizens, in most of the countries.

The tourists can play anything they want, as long as they are on a boat and no on the actual ground in these countries. 

If you get caught, the fines can be enormous.

For example, the jail sentence varies from country to country.

But, overall, they are around a couple of years, based on your previous criminal record and your current situation as a citizen. 


Even though countries like the UAE and Qatar are some of the richest and most luxurious countries in the world.

This hobby is strictly prohibited. It’s not like you can do whatever you want here, in these states.

It seems scary but don’t worry, it’s not that terrifying.

All you have to do is follow the rules and not rebel.

After all, these countries aren’t keen on rebels who love to break the rules. 

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