Jelly to Join a Successful Network of Casinos

One of the most influential online slot providers, Yggdrasil, invites young and prospective Jelly into a new development program.

Although Jelly is still a relatively new casino content publisher, the two companies share the same vision.

The invitation by Yggdrasil serves as a confirmation of Jelly’s hard efforts. The young provider does its best to provide original games optimized for mobile platforms.

Now, after joining the Yggdrasil’s YGS Masters Network, Jelly can grow and further develop.

Interested AU players should keep reading and find all the details below regarding this partnership.

Details of YGS Network and Jelly’s development

AU online casino sites are always looking to improve their game selection with new unique games.

Yggdrasil is a world-known company with a long history of developing the best games. Therefore, their partners on the YGS Masters Network will have their games distributed to the best online casinos.

Moreover, the participating companies like Jelly can benefit in several more ways.

First, Yggdrasil offers its GATI system to fellow providers. Not only does this system save time while developing the software of the game, but it also provides significant distributional methods.

Furthermore, all games created with usage of this software will be offered in official Yggdrasil collections.

Members of the YGS Masters Network will have access to software boosting tools as well. The list of amazing features offered by Yggdrasil to its partners doesn’t stop there.

All the games will instantly be distributed to Yggdrasil’s casino operator partners, counting over 40 casinos worldwide. The commercial side of the deal is also included, offering Jelly and other companies marketing options.

Smaller slot publishing companies such as this company can truly profit from all these convenient features.

Jelly has certainly evolved rapidly since its founding just several months ago. The shared vision of creating top-notch and original mobile slots connected the two providers.

Teamwork can help grow even more

Having in mind that Yggdrasil's popularity, there is a question of what can such a giant gets from working with smaller companies.

However, it is easy to conclude that it is much more convenient for the company to share its resources with others.

This way, companies like Jelly can continue pursuing their dream achievements. Once new games are available, both Yggdrasil and Jelly can profit.

It is a great idea to listen to somebody else's fresh ideas, especially when those are coming from a prospective studio.

On the other hand, Jelly can now certainly evolve much faster. By joining the YGS Masters Network, Jelly's games will be available to a worldwide audience. That fact alone can result in Jelly becoming a popular studio as Betsoft, Thunderkick, or Push Gaming.

For now, we can only hope that this collaboration gives birth to even better slots than Jelly developed alone. AU players can shortly expect new and exciting mobile slots up and running.

One thing is certain – by signing this agreement with Yggdrasil, Jelly has entered a whole new world of possibilities.