Level up with Casumo Casino´s Adventure

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The Adventure at Casumo Casino

Just about everything you do when you're interacting at Casumo is all apart of the game player. It will have you feeling like you're taking a real live trip to different places and even on different places. Before you can level up, you have to get the experience part out of the way and earn valuable rewards in the process. Read the small guide below that will take you through the space adventure.

Casumo Casino

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You will create a casumo – You will start your adventure as soon as you register. This is when your very own casumo has been officially born. You can tell the difference between the levels because all beginners have a rope that is around the waist.

You will gain experience by playing games – Once the first deposit has been made and you start to play games, you have already started to gain the experience needed and are ready to start collecting some winnings. So, the more that you play the games, the more you progress. It will show you how far you have to go for your next level.

When you level up earn shiny rewards – Receive your bonus when you level up. This is each and every time so don't be surprised. In your account you will see something called valuables. This is the name replaced for bonus and they are in your inventory. Free cash and deposits is what valuables can be redeemed for. You can even get free spins and more. The goal is to play more and more everyday just to level up and receive your valuables.

As you progress get better belt – Get a white belt as you advance with more experience. This explains how good your casumo has gotten since you first started. It will change periodically as you get better and keep progressing. In the Casumo Community, you can gain a ton of respect by receiving a black belt. This is the final goal for the entire casumo players. In the weekly campaigns are always bonuses available to gain.

You get to collect trophies – The small achievements are worth being recognized. They are recognized by players receiving trophies. If you win three times in a row you will definitely receive your trophies for those wins. You can think of this as a way to brag during playing the games. It's like a standing ovation for receiving trophies and metals. You earned it; Celebrate your success.

Many Asked Questions about Casumo´s Adventure

How do the progress bar works?

– Each time you are playing, you will collect some points. These points will take you on an adventure to new levels. The more you play, the more your bar will continue to fill up…and quickly. It does start to get harder and harder in those higher levels. If you're good at it then go be a beast and unlock all those levels and become the dominating one. The best way to go ahead and get the bar rolling is to basically Tina Turner it and play the slots or collecting those trophies.

What are the trophies?

– You will learn that within all gambling games, players will have access to their own achievement or adventure section. This is where all the trophies and valuables can be found. Valuables are more valuable than the trophies. The trophies are given typically to show that you completed certain actions. You have the opportunity to decide if you want to show your achievements to others or not. You can even stay anonymous if you wish. You can also take advantage of purposely getting a badge.