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Live Casino offers its enthusiasts an interactive gambling experience from the comfort of their homes. You get to play games your favorite casino game at 2.00AM in your pajamas from the comfort of your sitting room. The convenience and exciting action offered by live casinos have made live casino gaming one of the most popular forms of online gaming entertainment.

How live casinos work

The invention of video streaming technology in the 1990s made online live casinos a viable gaming option. Video streaming technology has enabled casinos to broadcast a real dealer from an actual casino to an online player.


You can choose to either play web-based live casino games or downloadable live casino games. Both offer similar experience only that web-based are played via a browser and for downloadable version you download the live casino app on your device. Mobile live casino apps are optimized to operate well on smaller screens and lower processing capacities of mobile devices.


In comparison to regular casino games, live games are slower paced. This is because unlike regular casino games where dealing is computerized, in live casinos the dealing process is actual therefore slower.


Pros of live casinos

Live casinos offer players the immediacy and excitement of playing real casino games from the comfort of their homes. You feel similar excitement to that of walking into a brick and motor casino.


One of the excitements of any game is being able to outplay someone else. Live casinos bring this element in online gambling. You can choose to play a multiplayer game such that you can bet for or against other players.


Live casino gaming is interactive. You are not just clicking on icons and making bets against the computer, you have a real person to interact with. Even when playing a live game as a single player, you get to interact and chat with the live dealer.


These type of games may feel fairer than regular online casino games. You are able to see the wheel rotating for roulette games or see the dealer deal cards therefore eliminating any chance of outcome manipulation.

Live casino games

Most casino games can be played live. However, some games are more popular as live games than others. These include roulette, blackjack, poker and barracat. Some online casinos occasionally organize tournaments for specific live casino games. Such tournaments are highly engaging, competitive, interactive and fun. Usually, they come with generous prizes that make them more intriguing.



Whether you want to play live casino games on a dedicated mobile app or via a browser, you are assured to have a thrilling and fun experience. When selecting an online casino to play live casino games consider the platform’s reputation and variety of games. Evolution Gaming is one of the leading provider of live casinos. If you prefer to play on the go, identify one that offers a mobile app for live casino games. In most cases, an online casino will offer more web-based live casino games than those available on their live casino mobile app. Ensure you favorite games are available on the mobile app you choose.

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