Aussie Watchdog lists 8 more Casinos

September 25, 2022 Posted in Live Casino, New Casinos, News, Tips by No Comments

SPlayer’s wishes are becoming true by Aussie Watchdogs as ACMA prevents 8 more online casinos from being operational in Australia.

New Casino bans are the aftermath of player’s complaints regarding suspicious activities on several offshore casino sites.

Players suspect certain fraud experiences as some sites have irresponsive customer support, while others don’t pay out winnings.

ACMA acts swiftly and advises Aussie Watchdogs internet service providers to prevent these sites from staying operational.

Moreover, players that have been visiting those suspicious online gambling and betting sites are required to log out.

Aussie Watchdogs – Forbidden Sites and Player Instructions

Simply put, ACMA issued a list of now forbidden online gambling sites in Australia for players to take precautions.

The list includes several known online casinos that caused harm to Australian players:

  • Plant 7 Oz
  • Royal Spins casino
  • Times Square Casino
  • Nordicasino
  • Ace Pokies
  • Reeltastic
  • Enzo Casino
  • Spintropolis

Furthermore, all casino sites listed above have hurt the player's rights in some way. The most usual scam that untrustworthy online casinos use is not paying out winning.

Australian players have complained that even after winning real money on online casino sites, those sites refused to pay them out.

Sometimes customer service isn’t available and sometimes players get a mail saying that something went wrong and their winnings are withheld.

Another instance that Aussie Watchdogs described is not letting players sign in on their accounts even after initial deposits. Some players also stated that numerous separated occasions of casinos ignoring payouts have occurred.

Aussie Watchdogs warn the players to learn from these instances and avoid potential scam sites.

The instructions given to players by Aussie Watchdogs are simple – avoid similar sites, report any similar scam and request withdraw from any mentioned sites.

However, if withdrawals still aren’t possible, players can consult with ACMA and their legal representation for taking further court steps.

Player’s protection against similar incidents

Although ACMA participated in removing over 100 online casinos from an operation on Australian territory, such sites emerge daily.

Aussie Watchdogs always look after Australian players by reporting similar sites and acting accordingly to Australian gambling regulation.

And, players often complain regarding withheld withdrawals from all kinds of betting and gambling sites.

The same thing applies to all such sites considering how frequent these scams are. So, players have previously reported being victims of a scam while playing slots and online casino games.

Even some casinos offering professional casino card games like Mahjong, Texas Holdem, and Three Card Poker are reported as scams. Players lost a significant amount of money earned by playing these and similar casino games.

As much as Aussie Watchdogs tend to help and support players against terrible online casino sites, some frauds can’t be prevented.
Therefore, there is no current guarantee that players under financial damage will ever get their money.

To prevent such an incident, players should try to hold on to those sites that are fully legit according to Australian gamble regulations.

The Internet can be a cruel place, so it is up to players to be responsible and careful when choosing online casino sites.