About New Casinos in AU and the benefits 2018

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Online Casinos – Convenience and Ease

Online gaming has been a part of technology for a long time. What is new and becoming a big rage is “Online Casino Games.” These online casino games have crept up quickly to become one of the leading games in the world to play. People around the globe log on daily to experience the excitement of casino games. Whether they are playing for real money or not, it is definitely becoming a hobby for casino regulars.

Best NEW Casinos in Australia 2018

VoodooDreams Casino

  • Deposit $10 and get 200 Free Spins
  • Enjoy hundreds of the most popular casino games
  • Live Chat Support

Wixstars Casino

  • Multiple software platforms
  • Mobile friendly

NYSpins Casino

  • 100% up to $100 and 200 Free Spins at 1st deposit
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Live Chat Support

In addition to the ease and comfort of playing from home, gamers can enjoy the benefits that each online casino offers. Each online casino has their own incentives for gamers to come on board, no casino is the same. Also,to further entice gamers, online casinos may offer new games which yield a higher result than the traditional games. Below are some of the biggest reasons why online casinos are soaring in the ranks of online gaming:

  • Convenience – Gamers love the ability to plan online casino at any time and from anywhere. The ease of using any laptop, computer, or mobile device is an additional . Online casino gamers can play alone or with others, they can also log in or out at any time.
  • Free – Yes, free games. Who does not like free games. Online casinos allow gamers to play for free without charge, no regular casino offers that; which makes online casinos special. In addition, online offers gamers the ability to practice and perfect their gaming skills without fear of losing money.
  • Bonuses – From the time you log on you are treated with bonuses. If you decide to deposit money to play, the deposit bonuses get even greater. Again no regular stand alone casino offers these types of bonuses. As gamers receive bonuses and winnings their earrings are added into their cash accounts.

  • Player Points – Online Casino gamers can earn points just for playing. These points can be converted into game extras, free spins, and more. Some online casinos offer raffles were gamers can win expensive prizes for their points.
  • Deposit Options – Stand alone casinos ask for cash upfront to play their games; however online casinos give you options. You can use a debit or credit card, online pay services (i.e. PayPal), electronic checks, or even set up an account through the online casino system.
  • Gaming Selection – Wow. Here is were online casinos top the charts versus stand alone live casinos. Unlimited options of games and variations of games. Live casinos can only give gamers the games that they can fit under their roof. However, online casinos have a myriad of games available to their users. Another nice feature is that you do not have to wait long periods of time to play or wait on a player to end their games. The joys and perks of online casino gaming.
  • Level of Stakes – Stand alone live casinos set limitations on gamers of how much can be waged. However, online casinos are more flexible, gamers have options. They can play for free, for a few pennies on the dollar, or for larger stakes ranging in the thousands. The choice is up to the gamer. Gamers don't have to worry about Pit Bosses or bets being questioned, it is all on them.
  • Comfort – This is the second major reason why online casinos are soaring up the ranks against live casinos. The comfort and ease of playing a casino game from home or anywhere is definitely enticing. Gamers can play in their pj's, in the bed, at a restaurant, or park. No longer do you have to worry about anyone watching you or bothering you during your game. Plus gamers can quit or pick up a game at any given time, night or day.
  • Money Saver – Since casinos are not located everywhere, gamers can save money because they do not have to travel to a casino. Not only travel, but safety. Gamers can feel at ease when it comes to their winnings, no longer worrying about transporting winnings to a parked car. As a matter of fact, online casino gamers do not have to worry about parking or walking to the casino at all. Worry free gaming is a for online casinos.
  • Worldwide – This is self explanatory. Online casinos can be accessed from anywhere there is internet access. Not only can gamers play from anywhere, but hey can also play against or with other gamers from other countries or even next door. In addition, games that are not indigenous to a certain region, can be played online. There is no restriction on what type or who can play when it comes to online casino game play.

More New Casinos

Sloty Casino

  • AU$1500 Bonus + 300 Free Spins in Welcome Bonus
  • A large amount of Video Slots
  • Games proven fair

Fun Casino

  • 10% Cashback Always
  • FUN and Sparkling selection of Games

The above reasons alone make stand alone live casinos seem like gaming during the creation of the wheel. Having so many conveniences and bonuses; online casinos are not going anywhere anytime soon. Plus their online following increases steadily every day. With the new age of technology online gaming may slowly take over live casinos…it could happen.

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