Online Gambling, How To Prevent Being Hacked

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In the latter part of the nineties, with the internet rapidly becoming a standard form of communication in business and private residences, the proliferation of electronic online gambling started its initial beginnings. Today, any land-based gambling venue game is available to anyone with an internet connection. Casino games, slot machines, lotteries, sports wagering of virtually all major sports events, to name a few. Of course, with this online gambling phenomenon comes the risks of your online gaming account getting hacked.

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How To Keep Your Gaming Account Safe From Hackers

Would it not be nice if you go online and play your favorite online casino game without the fear of being hacked, or your confidential information such as credit cards, and other pertinent details being stolen right from underneath you? Unfortunately, this world is far from a perfect world! Cybercrime and their hackers are increasing, and as soon as we have one technology available, it is not too long before that technology is deemed useless. A smart hacker or groups of hackers have figured out to circumvent around that new technology. Meanwhile, we go to look in our accounts and find someone has access to our credit cards, out checking accounts, and viola' our funds are depleted! Let's go over some pointers to prevent these actions from happening to you.

Today's Average Online Gambler

I know this cannot happen to me. Right? WRONG! To take a look at the average online gambler, let's look at some numbers. To use a popular gaming online platform such as Steam, or a more common form of online gaming, Xbox, the average user has at least a dozen games. As popular as the trusted online platforms are, these trusted game platforms have been privy to professional security breaches. Now, you are saying to yourself, what can I do to protect myself, and my family.

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Simple Suggestions To Avoid Common Attacks

What is a Phishing attack on your computer or electronic device? It not as complicated as the word sounds. If you own a mobile phone or a desktop computer, you were exposed to phishing activity and fortunately just ignored it. Cyber attackers do this by trying to trick you. How many of us have gotten an email saying we just won a fabulous prize! Of course, to receive this bonus prize, the hacker asks for username and password. These hackers have gotten more professional, and if they are outstanding, it is hard not to tell they are not legit. So how do you avoid to use a phase, ” fact from fiction.” Do not click on the link to the email. If not legit, you just opened the door. All that's left is giving them your username, and password. If you go that far, you not only opened the door, you just gave the keys to your house, meaning your computer. Call the company they are proposing to be and find out if the company is legit. Usually, the hacker is using the company logo, but it was not representing the company at all!


Malware is probably the earliest form of cyber attacks. However, these form of breach of security is still prevalent today and more sophisticated than ever! Malware works by malicious code that once has entered your computer, or mobile device attaching your credentials and information taking the data back to the cyberattacker. Once the virus(malicious code) has introduced itself into the machine, all your confidential information has vanished. To be safe, all your devices-smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or any other desktop or mobile device should have a capable antimalware software installed and updated regularly. Most anti-malware software programs automatically alert you to new updates to prevent any new strains of attacks by hackers.

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