Progressive Jackpot reaches over AUD13 Million with Microgaming

March 23, 2022 Posted in Bonuses, News by No Comments

Online slot enthusiasts in AU have the chance to witness another progressive jackpot via Microgaming and its Mega Moolah slot! The Wow Pot level has reached AUD 13 Million, making it a remarkable amount.


Microgaming keeps on blowing away the Jackpot limits with its all-time favorite game Mega Moolah Slot. We had the chance to see some Jackpots reaching AUD 5 Million, but this is its largest value yet!

The best thing of all is that the jackpot can be won regardless of the betting amount, so stay tuned for details.

Latest update on the Jackpot

The latest value of the progressive jackpot on the Mega Moolah slot keeps on enhancing by the day. A lucky player will have the chance to take it all away in a life-changing win.

This isn’t the first time Microgaming secured such a marvelous prize for its loyal players. The progressive jackpot on the Mega Moolah slot is one of the most anticipated prizes in the world of online slots.

Over the year 2022, the total value of Microgaming jackpots hit over AUD 150 Million. So, this one is seriously close to changing someone’s life.

The best thing about this progressive jackpot is the staking requirement. Namely, the prize is up in a play for all players, no matter the bet size.

This gives all players the chance to hit an impressive prize of AUD 13 Million. It somewhat seems unreal that the progressive jackpot is won in a single hit, but it’s true.

The Mega Moolah slot awards the progressive jackpot randomly to any player that fills the condition. Even casino promos like deposit bonus and free money bonus can compare with progressive jackpot value.

Progressive Jackpot – Mega Moolah Jackpot goes out of the roof

Although the Mega Moolah slot had some previous huge jackpot values, this one is impressive. The incredible AUD 13 Million makes a unique prize and players that hit it probably won't believe it at first.

Still, it’s possible because Microgaming believes that loyal players are worth the boost. The jackpot prize is won randomly over the highest win on the final pay line of the game.

The game is also quite fun to play because it comes with a bonus round of 15 free spins. The free spins can also be re-triggered to provide the best playing experience.

Either way, the progressive jackpot certainly makes a great motivation for players. The jackpot system allows for every player to participate in the drop via the Mega Moolah slot.

Microgaming and Wow Pot jackpot are some of the biggest opportunities for online players. When slots are in question, Microgaming is one of the leading innovators in the field.

Decades of experience surely make it more convenient for players to play their games like the Mega Moolah slot. Ultimately, one thing is for sure as the next progressive jackpot winner will become crazy rich from a single spin!