Racing Authority lost their CEO?

October 10, 2020 Posted in Fun facts, News by No Comments

The racing and sports betting leader in the AU, the Racing Authority, lost their CEO that will be replaced until December.

The only legal AU race betting organization will lose their John Allen, the CEO that helped the growth of the company from 2015.

Now, despite the changes in the industry in AU, Allen trusts the choice of the company.

He will be there to oversee the changes until the new CEO takes up on the new role.

If you are eager to see the details of the changes in Racing Authority, keep reading.

About Racing Authority AU

Racing Authority AU is responsible for several crucial aspects of sports betting and race betting in AU.

It was previously referred to as the Racing Board. Now, most people call it TAB AU.

Racing Authority with John Allen as the CEO managed to bring much innovation in the industry.

They implemented fixed odds betting. Moreover, millions of AUD each year get back to employees and staff in the sports betting sector because of the Racing Authority.

Now, more ambitious projects are in plan for the AU betting public. Sports betting and race betting will live up to new changes.

Also, they will get to implement those changes with the new CEO in their lineup.

Still, John Allen will oversee the upcoming changes and will help in the company's transition from Racing Authority to TAB AU.

There might be new casino sites in AU constantly emerging with the necessary legal requirements. On the other hand, race betting and sports betting sector rarely get new participants. Therefore, the Racing Authority needs to put its focus on changing the market, enabling better conditions for betting organizations and players.

The future of this company

As much as John Allen helped reconstruct the current betting scene, Racing Authority moves on without him.

Once a new CEO is available for duty, new Racing Authority objectives are waiting.

Since the gambling regulations in AU are fairly different than in some European countries, TAB AU gets a lot of work.

This company will cooperate and handle the betting sites available in AU. Furthermore, there is a word that the entire betting scene will be undergoing major changes.
These changes may include deposit bonus offers for players and general improvement of playing experience.

Moreover, distributions to racing will be raised, to create a competitive and fully legit playing environment.

Reforms of racing are waiting for implementation and Racing Authority certainly knows to follow them.

Rising profits will also be one of the main goals of the company, as this year brought lower gross profit.

John Allen has contributed a lot to race betting regulations and the environment in AU. With him as the CEO, the company lived up to uprising and raise in recognition of AU authorities.

Now, Racing Authority is also the control body for racing sports and betting.

We will wait and see how the upcoming changes unveil in the race betting industry in AU. One thing is certain, however, the new CEO of Racing Authority will have a difficult task of holding up to his predecessor.