What Is RNG and Its Role in the Online Casino Industry

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No matter how you put it or whether you believe it or not, casino games are all games of luck.

Especially when it comes to the slot and spin machines. That’s the only fair tactic there is in the casino world.

The spins of every roulette wheel and spin or slot machines are regularized with the help of RNG (Random Number Generator).

And that’s how every combination that’s won is completely unique.

RNG Explained

The RNG is a specially arranged software designed especially for the online casino games and its main role is to generate symbols, cards, and numbers in random order.

The formula it uses is called an algorithm and it uses mathematical equations as well.

It usually works on games like poker, blackjack, roulette, and spin and slot machines and they don’t use any kind of artificial intelligence when functioning.

Whether you win or lose, the machine does not remember your result, so that means that the machine can’t be tricked, manipulated or cheated on.

That’s why almost everyone preferers this type of algorithm- it offers a 100% fair play.

That’s not the case with the land-based casinos though; they are random as well, but here we have real human beings as dealers and they can be tricked very easily.

That’s why many people (even I) prefer online casino games, instead of a land-based casino version.

It’s all part of a plan that once the slot you chose starts spinning.

The moment it stops needs to be randomized and stop at a unique combination of colors, numbers, cards.

Even the roulette’s white table is controlled by this system.

The machine and the system communicate through a set of numbers with the RNG.

How Can We Make Sure That the RNG Is Fair and Right?

As every computer system, the RNG as well works and communicates through all kinds of numbers.

And sometimes, the system itself can be screwed and that’s why every casino, on an often occasion, hires licensed services that check the RNG and fix it if there is a problem.

Imagine it like this; even before the player presses start, the system prepares dozens of combinations ready to be chosen.

There are 5 trillion digits and along with a little math, the magic happens.

And this is why, dear people, the systems like this one can be fully trusted, with no doubt whatsoever.


The online casinos aren’t popular just because.

It all has a reason because, even before they start to function, hidden in the background, there are a bunch of precautions and safety measures that are planned.

So don’t worry, online casino gambling is safe and fair. 


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