About RTP – Return to Player at Online Casinos

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Anyone who has looked online for casino slot machine playing has surely come across the abbreviation for return to player which is RTP. The expression, return to player refers to the percentage that is paid out and how high a payout it pays.

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What Is Return to Player?

Each casino slot or game machine has its own return to player percentage. Whether the slot machine is online or is a brick and mortar casino, they all have a RTP. The RTP is the amount of money the machine will pay back to players in a given amount of time. The higher the percentage that is shown the more often the slot or other game will pay back to the player. The player would want to know the RTP so he or she can pick the machine with the highest percentage payoff.

Hypothetically the RTP should not be taken as a true statistical calculation for any payouts. Players need to keep in mind that the machine will always have;

  • huge random wins like mega jackpots and
  • longer playing times of losses

The calculations do not take these situation into consideration. The RTP is actually an average valuation for the game or slot in which the player is using. If a slot machine has a 95% return to player and a player plays 100 hands, you would expect the player to lose only $5 out of $100. That is not the way it works. Thousands of hands are played and some will pay back a little and some will pay out the jackpot or large bonuses. If you want the slot that pays out more at one time, then you need to pick a slot with a high RTP.

Frequency of Return to Players Wins

The RTP on any slot or casino game does not tell the player how often they can expect to win. A slot machine with a payout of low frequency might payout once in ten spins on an average. Another low frequency slot may payout once every three spins on an average. The whole point being that a machine with higher win frequencies may pay out a bit more often but the amounts are smaller. The slot machines that have the lower win frequencies usually pay out in larger amounts, but less often.

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Fair Payouts

Casino games statistics are not easy to understand. Players need to understand that thousands of events occur while playing the slots. They can be assured that the numbers or pictures coming up on each spin is random. Random number generators control all the spins and make sure that each spin is unbiased and random. You have the same chance of winning a jackpot each and every spin because the random number generators remain fair each spin.

One myth that seems to be said about online slots is that the slots pay out in regular intervals. This is not true. Slots do not know when they have paid out a big win or a huge jackpot. Every spin is independent. If you have just hit a big payout, you still could hit another one right away. Each spin gives the player the exact same chances of winning a jackpot thanks to the random number generators.

Players that are regular online casino players and love the slots know how to look for the RTP of each machine. They cannot learn all the programming that goes into the internal slot machines, but they can look for the RTP given on each game. It is usually a public post witch most online casinos show and it gives the player a sense of trusting the online casino.


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