Rules of Etiquette for Visiting A Live Casino

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Despite the popularity of online gaming nothing beats the actual feel of a live casino. There is something about sitting before an actual dealer, or pulling the lever on a real slot machine that is unmistakable. Unfortunately, a live casino is different than a online casino in one respect. You cannot sit there in your jammies. Unbeknownst to many there are actually set rules for etiquette when visiting a casino.

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Disregarding these are not necessarily going to get you in trouble, but they definitely will not make you popular within the gaming community. If you are a first timer to a live casino and want to know how to act here are some dos and don'ts to assist you in making a good first impression.


Dress Semi-Formal – The dress code for a live casino is semi-formal. This means you do not have to wear a tux, but you shouldn't show up in a towel and shower cap. Your clothes should be nice that's all. Nice pair of slacks, skirt for the ladies, nice shirt, coat, maybe some jewelry, and a serious pair of sunglasses for the poker players. Walking around a live casino is like any other event in society, it is one that requires a modicum of respect.

Be Polite – It is always awkward when someone loses their temper. If you are having a run of bad luck do not broadcast it to the rest of the world. Same goes for winners too. It is rude to go overboard with winning celebrations. No one will guilt you for being happy, but if you are too jubilant it might sets some people off. Over erratic behavior will attract the attention of security, so be polite to those around you and have a professional manner. One way to help this is by planning the amount your gambling in advance. It is a great stress reducer.

Observe and Ask – If you have ever sat on a bench and some strange person plops right next to you without a word you can understand this one. It often times puts people out if you drop in unannounced. This is why in a alive casino a good strategy is to observe than ask. Watch the game progress for a few hands before joining in, and when you join in ask if you can join first. Most of the time this will be a yes as it is rude to refuse, but asking is a nice way to go about it.


Don't Sit If Your Are Not Playing – This is a pet peeve for many a player. You may like to observe and that's fine, but never sit at the table to do so. The seats at a live table game are reserved for players. If you sit and do not play it is the same as walking into a diner and only ordering water. It wastes the dealer's time and distracts the other players.

Do Not Give the Dealer Money or Conversation – A dealer is not allowed to directly handle money or chips. It is a casino rule. So never directly hand a dealer cash. Get your cash converted chips in the normal way. Same goes for chips. Also, it is rude to talk to the dealer. You can be nice and say hi, make a few little comments here and there, but the dealer is working and needs to focus. Table games require concentration and any chatter disrupts.

No Phones – A phone is a distraction. It is also just plain rude to have one out during gameplay. If you have to take a call step away from the table, otherwise keep that thing pocketed.


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