About Superstitions and Good Luck Rituals

Over the years there have been several superstitions that have lead people to believe what they do, what they wear, how they behave, and who they play against will determine how their luck fairs in their game of choice. Participating in online casinos do not have a different effect on your luck than entering into a casino, having a seat, and playing the slots. There will always be skeptics but overall, statistics do not lie. Statistically, there are more superstitions that show promise and grant luck, than skeptics against them.

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Communal Gambling Superstitions

Not all superstitions are going to be relative to both in person and online gambling, but many of them can work for both types. The following is a list of some of the communal gambling superstitions throughout the decades:

• Don’t sit with crossed legs, as it will “X” or cross out good luck.
• Changing the positioning of your chair can change your luck from bad to good.
• Blow on the dice before you roll them.
• Rubbing dice on a red-head head’s will bring good luck.
• Sitting in a chair on top of a white handkerchief that is folded into a square can promote good luck.
• Steer clear from clear, glass, or polished poker tables, they may reveal what cards are in your hand.
• Keep dogs away from the gambling location, as they are considered bad luck.
• Wash hands during a run of bad luck to change the luck to good. Do not wash hands if a run of good luck is current, as it may turn it into bad luck.
• Allow the dealer to finish his or her deal before glancing at your cards.
• Never play a poker game before six on a Friday night.
• Rabbits foot can bring good luck, always keep one within reach.
• Carrying a pair of dice around can bring good luck and keep the carrier from losing or running out of their money.
• It’s considered a bad omen to get angry or lose your temper.
• Lucky coins can bring even more luck if they are minted with the birth year of the carrier. If the coin has a hole in it, it’s considered especially lucky!

Cultural Gambling Superstitions

There are several superstitions that are based off of the originated culture such as the Chinese who believe that you should not touch someone who is gambling, especially on the shoulder. A few others include never carrying a book into any room where gambling is taking place. In Chinese, the meaning of “Book” is similar to the Chinese word meaning “to lose.” A few other Chinese superstitions can be found in other cultures as well, such as always enter the casino through the side, or back door, never the front, and pregnant women are lucky because they are considered to have an extra set of eyes.

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Western superstitions are the most common, as many of them are used in locations all over the world. They can be assumed for both in person and online gambling. A few of these superstitions include to wear something that is red, dress to impress in your best clothes, and blowing on the dice before each roll. It is said that a real badger’s tooth can also bring good luck to those who wear it in their left pants pocket. One superstition that can be found in Western culture that is different from others is the crossing of legs. Where some believe it is bad luck, Western gambling culture claims it to be good luck.

Making Your Own Luck

For those who like to dive deeper into the gambling superstitions, rituals, and good luck charms, they will find that some things are not allowed within certain casinos. Therefore, playing online is the best way to ensure that rituals are uninterrupted and that charms are okay to have on your person. Swaying the game in your favor, or making your own luck, can be felt from performing or adhering to these aforementioned superstitions, or you can make your own luck by using an item that has previously brought you luck, or creating a new ritual, such as eating the same meal you have previously before a big win, or a run of luck.

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