The Best Horror Slot Games

August 28, 2020 Posted in News by No Comments

As we all know, horror movies are really popular no matter where you go.

Yes, some people love them, other people hate them, but in reality, they are as popular as they can become.

And, can you blame them?

From movies to video games and franchises, you literally have it all!

And mind this, the world of slot games is only starting.

In the future, who knows what else we can expect from it.

Whatever it is, these few casino slot games definitely give us promising vibes for the future. 

Full Moon Fortunes

We all have heard of the scary stories about the werewolves and their fear of the full moon.

After all, they can be dangerous and violent creatures that leave nothing but harm to their surroundings.

And this slot game definitely has a sense of mystery and leaving us hanging in the atmosphere.

The hero in our slot game turns into a werewolf once the full moon starts.

And this is where the fun begins.

The free spins and the worthy symbols can all make for a great and rich slot round, there is no doubt in that.

And let’s not forget the multipliers aas well as the bonus games and the free spins

Wicked Circus

Have you ever met a person that is scared of clowns?

I guess that you were confused since clowns usually aren’t that scary.

Well, think again; with this game, you definitely will.

The sinister-looking figure is always finding a way to make you win; with three of the symbols, you can get the jackpot!

The sound effects and the graphics are even better; you can even collect coins that will definitely be worth it.

Lost Vegas

Zombies, slot games, and Las Vegas.

Is there a weirder and yet better combination than this one?

As we all know the fuel of the classic horror stories and their way of getting under our skin, you even have the choice of playing with either regular humans or zombies, the choice is all yours.

The popular feature, Zombie Fist of Cash is something that you yet haven’t seen before.

There are also many bonuses taht you yet have to discover in order to truly enjoy this game.

And believe us, once you do, you definitely won’t be disappointed. 

These are some of the many horror slots that you can find.

Even though there are so many and you can’t really choose between them, whatever you go for definitely won’t be a mistake.

The theme, the prizes, and the graphics are really good.

They rock from every aspect that you care to look them from.

And after all, isn’t fun the number one reason why we gamble with slot games?

With these few games that we have mentioned, you definitely won’t be bored!