The Best Slot Companies in the World

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The slot world is a huge place that everyone is trying to have a big part in.

Whether you’re just a player or have many game ideas and like to become a famous slot company, then you are fighting your way in it.

And you should always believe in yourself that the only way you can really get to the top.

Even the biggest casino companies once started small and slowly build up their way to being popular and good at what they do.

So, who are these companies?

Who can we look up to as role models?

Find out about the best slot companies in the world! 


This company was launched in 1994 and even though 26 years don’t seem like a long time, Microgaming has made history in the slot and the casino world.

It's a true champion in its field and you can’t really blame them, right?

All of their games are popular, and the graphics are everything that you can ever ask for.

Their biggest hit was Mega Moolah, invented in 2013, and since then, they have been breaking all the slot records.

This list definitely would be full without the biggest and most popular slot company beats. 


As the name itself is speaking, IGT is a shortcut for International Game Technology.

What else do you need after this?

This game has been awarded a ‘the company with the biggest number of slot machines and games’.

Found in 1971, this company has the record for investing the first progressive slot game ever.

They are really successful in beating the slot world records.

Their most famous slot themes are Breaking Bad, Bridesmaids, House of Cards, and Avatar. 


Last but not least is another slot company beat, NetEnt.

Formerly known as Net Entertainment, this company is yet another of the top class companies.

They have the best graphics and payout percentages when it comes to any kind of slot game.

It’s a Swedish company, so naturally, the games are made to perfection for your satisfaction and fun.

Everyone is familiar with this company.

And whether you’re an advanced player or are just getting started, you will definitely find something for your taste.

Because this company really has it all. 

From cowboys and gangsters to fairies and the classic slot games with the fruit icons, there is no way that you will leave the game without feeling a lot of fun.

It makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. 



These are only a few of the many slot companies that are constantly inventing new games in order to bring a little bit of color in our lives.

Everyone is working hard (even those that we haven’t mentioned in this list), and these are only a small portion of what is actually out there. 


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