The World’s Richest Gamblers

June 9, 2020 Posted in News by No Comments

All of us have heard about how many people around the world get rich out of nowhere, and it’s kind of strange to us.


Well, a million bucks overnight just aren’t possible.

Or is it?

Lots of people think of gambling and casino as thor full-time permanent job.

That is if you’re good at it and have won hundreds and millions of dollars in your rounds.

So, who are these people?

What is their net worth and where are they now?

Let’s find out.

Bill Benter (approximately $1 billion)

The world-famous Bill Benter wasn’t always famous.

And he certainly wasn’t in the blackjack hall of fame until recently.

This guy, before becoming a blackjack star was a math professor, and as he discovered the deeper meaning of the casino world soon started practicing it.

Except for blackjack, he was also very much into horse races and betting on them. 

Phil Ivey ($100 million)

At first, you would never think that this young man would be a casino millionaire, but surprise, he is.

Phil Ivey has won 10 WSOP bracelets and is among the richest casino gamblers for a reason.

He is also in the Poker Hall of Fame, and the youngest player who has won that many WSOP bracelets as well.


I think not.

Just see the style and the way Phil Pays; you will see why! 

Chris Ferguson ($80 million)

Maybe you’re familiar with this name, maybe you’re not.

But, Chris Ferguson knows what’s up and he is not afraid to show it.

Listed as the richest casino players of our time, he certainly had his ups and downs before he got to this position.

And I dont blame him.

The fame path isn’t an easy one; but, it surely is worth it every struggle you may face.

Even though Chris Ferguson isn’t a hot item in the casino rooms at the moment, he’s got a reason why.

With his casino website running, he doesn’t even have the need to gamble.

And he is happy; that what matters the most. 

Zeljko Ranogajec ($400 million)

Zeljko Ranogajec may seem like a hard name to pronounce but the glory doesn’t mind that.

Born in Croatian migrant family who traveled all the way to Australia, Zeljko certainly is more than a player.

He has a photographic memory and great deal in maths, so that’s how you know he’s going to win over the casino world.

Even though Australia banned him from playing, he still didn’t give up and bet on horse games.

And, look at him now; he’s on the a-list of casino players.

That’s how you know its worth it! 

These players have been casino stars for a long time and its no wonder; they got the richest of them all!

They never gave up and believed in themselves.

And those traits never go out of style, friends.

If you dont believe n yourself, no one will.

It’s an important rule in the casino to remember!