Tips about winning gambling strategies

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If you're mystified by the exclusive slot machine's bright colors, flashing lights,
and lack of luck in manifesting your time into money,There are 3 simple ways to make the magic happen!Play within your means!

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If you have a budget of $100 to play at the slot machine, don't spend all of it playing the slot machine in one session; rather, play in short sessions over a longer period of time to prevent from spending your money too quickly, and increase the odds of winning. Here's how you should play in short sessions:

Hit it, and Quit!

Often, payout is anywhere between 82-98% of your hard-earned money over extended sessions.

Spending an entire afternoon in a rainbow of reeling excitement, you may
charm that one-armed bandit a few times into giving you enough to keep pulling his lever,
but if you don't know when to quit, he'll pull everything out of your pockets!

If you have $100, and you win $20 after spending $5 at a dollar a bet, that is good time to quit.

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Why is this is a good time to quit?

If the odds of winning are 10/1 at $1 a bet, odds are that the house will probably lose 1/10 bets; however, these odds change after you win. Winning once while the odds are 10/1, your chances diminish to give the appearance of breaking even, but eventually, your odds of winning reflect on the reality of losing 2-18% more than your $100 budget!

That means you will spend all of your time and money losing.

What if the one-armed bandit already lead me on and I lost my entire budget from playing?

Lose with Grace.

It takes a smart person to win, but a wise person to admit defeat. If you've spent your entire budget, that's when you've lost. It's easy to seek redemption for what's yours, but just as the house can lose, you can too. If you seek redemption, you will always lose tenfold. That is why it is important to know how to lose with grace:

Smile, and say to yourself, “until next the time we meet”

The slot machine is brilliant with it's bright colors, flashing lights, and it's magical ability to manifest time into money, but you are the wise person to play within your means at the best of your ability, and let the one-armed bandit have it's keep.

Remember, to be a slot machine wizard, you must:

• Play within your means
• Quit while you're ahead
• Know when you've lost

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