VoodooDreams Casinos Loyalty Rewards

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There are a lot of gamblers who just want to get a better fortune just by joining a casino’s VIP lounges or loyalty programs. In the cause of VoodooDreams players, they can actually enjoy the benefit of a higher winning rate through the means of various bonuses. All they need to do is to join the loyalty program of the casino in order to get the several bonuses that they may like to experience. Players who plan to claim the loyalty program of the casino will be entitled with various rewards that are worth grabbing for a better chance to win bigger in the casino.

VoodooDreams Casino

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How Does It Work?

The loyalty program of the game is implemented on every account on the system. That means there is no need for everyone to pay or undergo certain conditions just to become a loyal member. Just think about it as a reward for staying in the website – where the site shall gradually provide the loyalty rewards with every winning in the casino’s games.

The XP System

The program works through the means of an “experience points” or “XP” system. The XP works similar to RPG and other games where the points will increase for every time an objective is completed. More points mean the player has worked hard in the game. But in the case of the casino’s policy, a player obtains XP through the means of winning spins. Each win on the slot machine will grant the player the XP points needed to become a real loyal member.

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The XP grants access to higher bonuses as the points can cause players to level up. Leveling up an account means that the player is loyal enough to the website. Higher levels also mean better bonuses, making players much more rewarded for a better gambling experience as they stay in the site for the long run. So this means players must keep on playing to gain higher levels; which is just like the same as being a loyal player in another game or casino.

The SP System

Another mechanic of the loyalty program is that every winning also gives the players the spirit points system. The spirit points, or SP, can be earned with every combination activated on the slot games. These can be used in order to cast certain “spells” that can be unlocked by the players. The spells can be unlocked by leveling up. The SP can be earned to be used, unlike the XP that only determines a player’s progress in the site.

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Using the SP activates a certain spell that the player uses in the casino. These spells serve as bonus rewards that can be activated many times as long as there’s SP that can be used within the account. Here are the following spells:

  • Blood Magic – The blood magic grants players a number of free spins upon making a deposit. However, this magic only grants free spins on a select, but many games.
  • Light Magic – This magic gives players a large deposit bonus upon their next deposit in order to get more chances to win.
  • Dark Magic – The Dark Magic grants a smaller bonus than the light magic.
  • Spirit Magic – The best spell to use! Spirit Magic gives players real money right away. There is no need for a player to deposit or win in a game as long as they can afford the SP needed to cast the spell. What made it interesting is that the first four attempts to cast the spell grants free spins with real money. All that needs to be done is to win to rack up enough SP.

The Spirit Points can be earned and saved in order to access the best magic among the list. But this is only a tip as players can keep on using the lower forms of magic for a better advantage in playing.


Winning, By Winning


It’s like winning through the means of winning as all the player needs to do is to get winning spins to earn points! The magics that a player can unlock in VoodooDreams Casino are definitely rewarding as it can lead them towards more money to win and use for playing premium games in the website! To access all of these points and spells, registration is what a gambler only needs!

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