What Does a Casino Pit Boss Do?

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Pit bosses are certainly misrepresented in movies, fiction, and even books.

Even though the term pit boss is usually associated with pushy behavior, skilled professionals don’t possess this trait at all.

Also called pit managers or supervisors, and gaming managers or supervisors, the bosses have far more casino responsibilities than it seems.

They have numerous, complex, day-to-day front, and back of house duties.

So, what exactly does a casino pit boss do?

The Pit Boss Casino Responsibilities

In the following list, you can find our insights into the daily activities of a pit boss.

Task 1 – Prevent Cheating

The most obvious and known responsibility of a casino pit boss is to prevent cheating.

However, they are not focused only on players’ fraud and theft.

They also oversee the employees and supervise their work.

When we think of a casino, we think of highly-secured places.

Yet, there are always people with criminal intent.

More specifically, there are muggers whose goal is to steal a wallet, someone’s purse, or the casino chips.

That’s where the pit bosses come into action.

A pit boss needs to prevent such activities by spotting the felonious person before they steal or harm anyone.

Another situation with which pit bosses deal daily is card counting or any similar tricks.

Such activities are illegal and significantly decrease the casino’s profits.

That’s why the pit boss should limit the possibilities of players to engage in such activities.

Lastly, pit bosses deal with their employees.

They open and close the table games, oversee the dealers, and spot errors if any.

So, they need to ensure that operations in the pit run smoothly and without any complications.

Task 2 – Administrative Work

Running a casino is not as easy as it seems.

There is a lot of paperwork daily, such as keeping track of winnings, losses, inventories, and credits for each separate table.

In land-based casinos, at the end of each shift, dealers switch.

Then, the pit boss needs to ensure that everything is in balance for the next employee.

Furthermore, pit bosses act as managers.

So, they handle shift schedules, time-offs, and vacation requests.

Task 3 – Other Issues

A casino is most certainly a tense place, where a lot of disputes can arise on a daily basis.

Some of the players win a lot, some of them lose, and there are the ones who had too many drinks.

No matter the reason, a pit boss is responsible for detecting potential scenes and disputes.

Additionally, a pit boss needs to have extensive life experience to handle such issues peacefully.

Does It Pay Off To Be A Pit Boss?

Salaries are not always as transparent as we want them to be.

Anyhow, we did our research and came across certain data.

A pit boss in the UK makes an average of £27,000 per year.

This is approximately $35, 000.

The numbers are higher in the USA, where pit bosses earn around $56, 000 of annual pay.

Anyhow, the number can go much higher depending on the casino and its location.

We can conclude that pit bosses handle far more issues than it seems.

So, they are required extensive experience and social skills, as well as an understanding of the games and the administrative work.