It is possible for the CSeq sequence number to be higher than the remote sequence number by more than one. SIP messages are either requests or responses. A user agent client is a logical entity that creates a new request, and then uses the client transaction state machinery to send it. Session Initiation Protocol June Section 21 defines these classes and describes the individual codes.

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This is accomplished with a BYE, as described in Section If the proxy has reformatted the request to send to a strict-routing element as described in step 6 above, the proxy MUST apply those procedures to the Request-URI of the request. User agents contain a transaction layer, as do stateful proxies. No provisioning or human interface is required for the selection of the Call-ID header field value for a request. The last section calls out those places where a stateless proxy behaves differently.

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Optionally add additional header fields 6. This type of parallel search is known as forking. A redirect server is logically constituted of a server transaction layer and a transaction user that has access to a location service of some kind see Section 10 for more on registrars and location services. If the request is a mid-dialog request, the method-independent processing described in Section That is, they may list a set of alternative names and methods of reaching the user.

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In a sequential search, a proxy server attempts each contact address in sequence, proceeding to the next one only after the previous has contsctsay a final response.


Note that both the transaction corresponding to the original request and the CANCEL transaction will complete independently. This can happen when a user is invited to the same multicast conference by multiple other participants. Rather, the body of a SIP message contains a description scropt the session, encoded in some other protocol format. If coontactsay header field appears in a message not matching its category such as a request header field in a responseit MUST be ignored.

A call stateful proxy is always transaction stateful, but the converse is not necessarily true. Base64 is not permissible for a token.

This is the essence of a proxy’s role. Y] to refer to Section X. If the particular UI allows for the user to reject a call before its answered, a Forbidden is a good way to express that.

A UAS cannot be stateless unless the request processing for that method would always result in the same response if the requests are identical.

For example, contcatsay his SIP phone at home and the one in the office could send registrations.

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The Allow header field is presented in Section Additional behaviors specific to the response code in question, which are not detailed in this section, may scrript be required. The lowest layer of SIP is its syntax and encoding. Discussions dans le forum. The set of processing functions required at a UAS that resides above the transaction and transport layers.


Targets can only be placed in the target set once.

The copy MUST initially contain all of the header fields from the received request. A route set can be learned, through headers like Record-Route, or it can be configured. The line break and the whitespace at the beginning of the next line are treated as a single SP character. Specifically, requests that are not target refresh requests do not modify the dialog’s remote target URI, and requests that are target refresh requests do.

SIP is not a vertically integrated communications system.

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SIP runs on top of several different transport protocols. Any of these mechanisms can be modeled as accessing an abstract Location Service. Contactszy direction of message forwarding within a transaction that refers to the direction that requests flow from the user agent client to user agent server. It has a similar form to an email address, typically containing a username and a host name.

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Responses will route through the same set of proxies traversed by the request in the reverse order. The domain providing service to a SIP user. The majority of response processing contatcsay the TU is method specific.

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