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Great Fun With Dead or Alive Slot Machines

This time of day the sun bears down hard and the sand rolls in with enough force to harm a horse. Hopping off the saddle, you enter a local saloon through the swinging doors. After taking a moment for your eyes to adjust, you survey the room. In the far corner, there’s a pianist playing an ageing grand that emanates honky-tonk tunes through the air. The saloon is filled with your usual dusty types this far west that are as trustworthy as they are clean. Signalling the bartender for a drink, you sit at the table where men of questionable repute are gambling and ask to enter the game.

The Wild West was a crazy place and time in American history and creates a great backdrop for the online slot machine, Dead or Alive. The game takes its name from the gruesome subtitles found on Old West wanted posters, which were emblazoned with the images of bandits sought by the law. Dead or Alive once meant bringing in these bandits by any means necessary. With the online slot machine, there is significantly less danger, just as much excitement, and the chance of a much larger payoff.

What Do I Do?
Playing Dead or Alive is very similar to any online slot machine. The online game emulates real slot machines with its design and mechanics. To play, choose the amount of money you’d like to wager, and then begin the slots roulette. As the slots roll, attempt to match the icons with the same image. By matching images together, you have the chance to win the bonus of either free spins or money! Anyone who has played slot machines in a casino will feel right at home with the mechanics of Dead or Alive.

How Well Does It Play?
Mechanically, this online slot machine plays so well it’s difficult to tell the difference between its game play and an actual slot machine. Because Dead or Alive is designed for people who are familiar with the mechanics of a slot machine, certain elements have been added to increase the challenge and fun factor. One such factor is free spins and a bonus. These elements provide an extra challenge and hours of fun. The game also allows different rows of matches, different from the traditional three or four in a row matching system from older games. This increases a player’s chance for victory or free spins.

Why the Old West?
The American Old West is a section of history filled with mythical tales and epic legends. From the lawlessness of the land to the toughness and grit of its denizens, the Old West is packed with historic figures and images. There are many visuals within Dead or Alive that are instantly recognisable from anyone familiar with The Wild West such as wanted posters, gold coins, sheriff badges, and cowboy boots. The sound effects also echo the Wild West aesthetic, with old grand piano themes and the ambience of a busy saloon.

Sometimes, getting to a casino can be stressful and difficult. The loud ambience of a casino, filled with its dark lighting to contrast the bright machines, can sometimes be disorienting and distracting. Playing online slot machines such as Dead or Alive allow for a person to take full advantage of the online gambling fun. With the ability to play from anywhere with an internet connection, Dead or Alive offers the full benefits of a casino slot machine without you ever having to leave the comfort of your personal space. Dead or Alive is a great online slot machine that offers hours of fun!

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