What’s better, online or land based casino?

May 10, 2017 Posted in Tips by No Comments

For the past decade or so online gambling has seen a rise in popularity versus driving to a casino or the boats. With hundreds of gambling websites popping up all over the internet land based casinos are seeing a decrease in profit. Many see the appeal in online gambling due to being able to gamble from the comfort of their own home. All though this may have some truth behind it, is it really the better option to gamble online instead of in a casino facility?

Depending on the type of player you are, there may be more pros than cons in where you choose to gamble. For example, if you are a blackjack player who is an experienced card counter gambling inside a facility can equate to being banned from the building. However there is typically no rules on card counting in online gambling. Though the difference is online gambling businesses can get away with much more behind the scenes than players are aware of. Nearly all online casinos scan each card before they are dealt meaning the dealer is more than likely keeping track of every card in the shoe. Had witnessing this myself, I had noticed dealers calling out their hand before flipping the dealt cards. Whether or not this function goes on within all gambling websites, it is pretty apparent that the house has a bigger edge online for certain card games.

One nice thing about gambling online is the benefits of promised bonuses after signing up, usually after making a deposit. Unlike land based casinos, gambling websites allow you free bets, spins and other promotions. All though casinos do have loyalty rewards most do not guarantee you free money to gamble with after entering the casino. Another good thing about online casinos is the ability to gamble with a low amount of money. Most websites allow you to deposit and play with a minimum of 10-$20. Of course one could drive to the casino with 20 bucks in their pocket, but depending on how far the casino is located is money being spent on gas.

Online casinos take the social experience out of gambling. Whether or not this is a good or bad thing is up to the player. Most walk-in casinos are smoking facilities which may bother non smokers. However gambling online takes away from any possible entertainment a casino may provide. Placing bets inside of a casino may also be nerve wrenching when a pit boss is breathing down your neck and watching your every move. This may or may not affect the players decision making ability causing them to lose money.

High rollers who play online and not in a casino are usually not compensated like you would be playing at the Hilton in Las Vegas. Multi billion dollar companies such as Hilton and MGM take care of their regular high rollers. The Hilton has been known to compensate them with a percentage of what they lose. This can include free suite stays, food and money to gamble with. Besides the deposit bonuses offered online regular high rollers get no other benefits.

Lastly, the online casino business may start killing off walk in casinos as we know it. Since the beginning of the internet businesses have been known to go out of business due to the online competition factor. If casinos start to go away, thousands of jobs will go down with it causing a detriment for a whole lot of people. However creating a solution to this possible future problem may involve casinos to spend thousands possibly millions of dollars to find new ways to attract more people.